Half-a-million to go to Mars?

Yes, according to Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX!

ExtreTech reports:

‘The commercial space travel entrepreneur told the BBC in an interview that he’s figured out how to send a person on a round-trip journey to Mars and back, and that it could be ready in as little as ten years. The best part? Musk says that the “average person” could afford the trip since it will only cost $500,000.’


Of course, if we have to rely on the UN to keep the Iranian nukes from having a bit of a party in North America, one question really needs to be asked:

How much for a one-way trip?!?!?

One Response to “Half-a-million to go to Mars?”

  1. Derek Says:

    Colonizing space is an interesting science fiction concept, but it would cost well over $1 trillion to get one small house on the inhospitable planet.

    And we don’t need to worry about Iran, because Kofi Annan can just go there, deliver a speech, come back, and the whole middle east will be democratic and free.

    Xan says:

    Ah! Yes….what was I thinking!

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