Get all the smart kids together – then expose them to lead, mercury and asbestos

Oh, sometimes, I just want to give up…

Broadview Avenue Public School in Ottawa is one of the best schools around.  It is one of only 3 locations in Ottawa which has a program for students who have been identified as not just gifted, but exceptionally gifted.  Broadview houses both the English and French language versions of this most excellent program.

The school also houses exposed asbestos, lead paint and rich mercury deposits….along with exposed wires which are a fire hazard.

Now, I am not saying that super smart kids are better than other kids and deserve better conditions.  No kids should be exposed to these conditions!

However, to select kids specifically for intelligence and then put them into a school filled with chemicals known to decrease intelligence…that is not the most constructive course of action…

While my older son attended that school, he developed chronic fatigue – and environmental factors were suspected.  We even had our house tested for everything, from heavy metals to mold – and came up clean.  After years of this, with no way to help him, I was close to despair!

The problem resolved itself once he started high-school. Now he is away at University and his health is perfect!

I guess now we know what had made him sick…

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