TorrentFreak: World’s First Flying File-Sharing Drones in Action

Oh, don’t you just love this stuff?

‘In short the system allows the public to share data with the help of flying drones. Much like the Pirate Box, but one that flies autonomously over the city.

“The public can upload files, photos and share data with one another as the drones float above the significant public spaces of the city. The swarm becomes a pirate broadcast network, a mobile infrastructure that passers-by can interact with,” the creators explain.’

Whatever you may think of the morality of The Pirate Bay and/or of extre-jurisdictional flying file-sharing machines, you have got to admit that this is not just way cool, it is a formidable weapon against the ‘regulation’ which is systematically eradicating freedom of the internet.

In addition to the beauty of its purpose, it is an artform in its own right!  (If yo go to the article and scroll down a little, there is a video of this technological balet:  the colours change as files are accessed, the formations break apart and re-form….a work of art in its own right!)

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