Exploring some Internet Explorer stories

If you are on the interwebitubes – and, reading a blog, I presume you are – you are likely already aware that Microsoft is taking some serious steps to prevent browsers other than Internet Explorer from their Windows 8 devices running on the ARM platform.

Do we really want to re-visit the browser wars of the 1990’s?

‘”They’re trying to make a new version of their operating system which denies their users choice, competition, and innovation,” said Harvey Anderson, Mozilla’s general counsel. “Making IE the only browser on that platform is a complete return to the digital dark ages when there was only one browser on the Windows platform.” ‘

(Check out the article:  it explains the issues well – plus it has graphs!)

So, what does it look like when a whole society is locked in to using Internet Explorer (IE)?

Look no further than South Korea:  there, through a well-meaning but misguided legislation (!!!) in the 1990’s, all e-commerce was effectively locked into using IE.  Even though the legal situation has been remedied, the lock it had created  in practice seems unbreakable.


No consumer choice and business stagnation…





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