BCF is on the trail

In the last few (OK, many) years, the only journalists who seem to be doing their jobs are bloggers.

Not all all bloggers, of course, but there are a few shining stars.

BlazingCatFur (BCF) is one of these.

Here are two connected stories he has been uncovering:

One Islamic school (Madrassa) has been preaching hate-speech directed both at Jews and and Muslims of differing denominations.  And not the usual ‘hate speech’ which the Human Rights Commissions are persecuting, which is a thinly weiled code for ‘not politically correct speech’.  We are talking REAL hate speech…

And, there is always the money trail:  when charities get their tax exempt charitable status, they have to open their books to scrutiny, so that everyone can follow their financial trail.  When this trail gets a little muddy, BCF just might be there to clear things up!

Abraham Lincoln tried to patent ‘Facebook’

Oh, this one is for the ‘neat’ files!!!

Abraham Lincoln tried to patent – unsuccessfully – a hardcopy version of what we now know as ‘Facebook’:  from the profile picture, to likes, updates and ‘sharing’ all the way to who can see how much of the profile.

Really neat!

Which, of course, begs a gaggle of questions:  starting with ‘If Abe Lincoln was denied a patent – why is the Zuckerbaby’s one valid?’