‘Innocence of the Muslims’ – Toronto Style

Last Saturday, there was a ‘multi-faith’ protest against the blasphemous movie, ‘Innocence of the Muslims’.

In so many parts of the worlds, these protests have been extremely violent and, well, deadly.  And not just from the primary rioting:  in many places of the world, Muslims who were not deemed to be sufficiently ardent in protesting have faced violence.  In one famous example, a man who declined to close his shop in order to join the riots in Pakistan has been charged with ‘blasphemy’ and is facing life in jail or a death sentence.  In another example, journalists whom the rioters suspected of not giving their riots sufficient coverage (or casting them in positive enough light – depending on which sources you read) were violently attacked and barely escaped with their lives.

So, I am very happy to report that the Toronto protests were all peaceful.

Well, peaceful in the sense that the people protesting did not riot – and that is a good thing.  That some of the protesters called for violence – and even the death of the moviemakers – that is less good.

Here are some videos of both the protest and the coverage thereof by Sun Media:

Ezra Levant with Raheel Raza:

If you’d like to check it out – Muslims Facing Tomorrow website is here.

Michael Coren’s (who made it to the protest personally) coverage is here:

BTW – I oppose the laws that forbid the denial of the holocaust.  Not because I don’t thing it happened – my mother, as a small child, guided by her mother – actually sneaked food to Jewish concentration camp inmates when they were on a work detail in her neighbourhood.  My grandmother saw, with her own eyes, a prisoner, dive onto a compost heap to eat some potato peels – and how, for this, he was beaten to death by his guard…using a beam with a nail in it…  Yes, I know it happened and I have heard 1st person testimony of just how nightmarish it was.  That, of course, is not the point:  even if they are vicious lies, people must be free to say them, and say them publicly. To me, freedom of speech is absolute.

BlazingaCatFur – who was also there – asks some very basic questions:

SDAMatt2a, who also attended the event in order to report on it, captured the protester’s assertion that ‘Islam condones racism’.  In case you think this is a linguistic error, please, do consider that the Koran itself considers the supremacy of Arabs over other races (and the Qureshi tribe is given supremacy over other Arabs) and that under Sharia – even today, it is not just illegal for any non-Muslim men to marry a Muslim woman, it is also illegal for non-white Muslim men to marry white Muslim women, it is illegal for non-Arab Muslim men to marry Arab Muslim women and it is illegal for non-Qureshi Muslim men to marry Qureshi Muslim women.  That is recognized by ALL the ‘schools’ of Sharia and women whose wali (legal guardian) who agrees on their behalf to a marriage contract (as women cannot agree on their own – that power is reserved for their guardian alone) to a man in contradiction of this race-based rule have the right to sue for divorce on the grounds of having been married ‘below their racial status’.  All schools of Islamic jurisprudence recognize this and side with the race-based ‘status’.  I personally think this is wrong – but I do not have any influence over Sharia…


So sad…




BCF is on the trail

In the last few (OK, many) years, the only journalists who seem to be doing their jobs are bloggers.

Not all all bloggers, of course, but there are a few shining stars.

BlazingCatFur (BCF) is one of these.

Here are two connected stories he has been uncovering:

One Islamic school (Madrassa) has been preaching hate-speech directed both at Jews and and Muslims of differing denominations.  And not the usual ‘hate speech’ which the Human Rights Commissions are persecuting, which is a thinly weiled code for ‘not politically correct speech’.  We are talking REAL hate speech…

And, there is always the money trail:  when charities get their tax exempt charitable status, they have to open their books to scrutiny, so that everyone can follow their financial trail.  When this trail gets a little muddy, BCF just might be there to clear things up!

BlazingCatFur gets results!

Bloggers can make a difference!

Perhaps not all bloggers get results like this, but then again, not all bloggers are like BCF!!!

He’s been on the trail of Toronto Madrassas and school cafeteria Mosques:  documenting and tracing connections.  Perhaps it is not surprising that his tenacious labours are bearing fruit:

May 7, 2012

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs Denounces Antisemitic Elements in Toronto Madrassah’s Curriculum

Toronto, ON – It was recently brought to the attention of The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs that curriculum issued by the Toronto-based East End Madrassah contains antisemitic themes. In particular, the Level 8 curriculum document, which is publicly available on the Madrassah’s website, equates the beliefs of Judaism with Nazism and claims that “treacherous Jews” had “conspired to kill Prophet Muhammad”.

“Using religion to promote hatred among youth is not just offensive and abhorrent – it shows a stunning disregard for Canada’s basic values of decency and tolerance. Canadians of all backgrounds would be outraged to learn that horrific conspiracy theories are included in this curriculum, including the blood libel that Jews plotted to kill Muhammad,” said David Spiro, Greater Toronto Co-Chair of The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, the advocacy arm of Canadian Jewish Federations.

“Such slurs against the Jewish community violate the values that Canadians hold dear – such as goodwill and mutual respect. Instead of promoting such values, this curriculum only serves to promote animosity, racism, and hatred. Given that the Madrassah conducts classes at David & Mary Thompson Collegiate, we will be bringing this to the attention of the Toronto District School Board to ensure that public property is not used to advance racist agendas,” said Sheldon Goodman, Greater Toronto Co-Chair of the Centre.

For the background, please, click here.