BCF is on the trail

In the last few (OK, many) years, the only journalists who seem to be doing their jobs are bloggers.

Not all all bloggers, of course, but there are a few shining stars.

BlazingCatFur (BCF) is one of these.

Here are two connected stories he has been uncovering:

One Islamic school (Madrassa) has been preaching hate-speech directed both at Jews and and Muslims of differing denominations.  And not the usual ‘hate speech’ which the Human Rights Commissions are persecuting, which is a thinly weiled code for ‘not politically correct speech’.  We are talking REAL hate speech…

And, there is always the money trail:  when charities get their tax exempt charitable status, they have to open their books to scrutiny, so that everyone can follow their financial trail.  When this trail gets a little muddy, BCF just might be there to clear things up!

10 Responses to “BCF is on the trail”

  1. Brian Says:

    BCF uncovers anti-Muslim hate speech? That’s a good one. Was he looking for material to repost? Anti other white supremacist bloggers you would like to recommend?

    Xanthippa says:

    BCF has a long record of exposing hate speech – and of speaking in defense of all people – including Muslims – who have been unfairly targetted. Or, indeed, killed.

    In this case, he is speaking up in defense of a sect of Muslims and Jews who have been the target of hate-speech, made worse for being taught to children in school.

    That is not white supremacism – it is humanitarianism!

    • Brian Says:

      You are joking, right? Anti-muslim extremist BCF a humanitarian? The man is the modern day equivalent of Julius Streicher in respect of Muslims.

      Xanthippa says:

      Yet, he speaks up for them when they are unfairly targetted…

      Some extremist!

      P.S. – Are you truly unaware of how he has consistently, over the years, spoken up for the rights of Muslim women? Or do women not count in your world?

      • Brian Says:

        BCF is a bigoted propagandist whose only goal is to dehumanize all Muslims. As an anti-Muslim extremist yourself, I have no doubt that you appreciate his various anti-Muslim political positions, such as banning all Muslims from immigrating to Canada. Maybe you could expand a bit and expain to me why having the government officially discriminate against Muslims and reject Muslim women from immigrating to Canada based on nothing except their religion (including to consideration of the views they actually hold as individuals) is helpful to Muslim women? Though such a position is typical of people like you who pretend to be in favour or “individualism” and against “collectivism”, yet go about judging people and urging policies based on classifying people into groups, with some to be favoured and some to be repressed.

        I’ve also liked BCF’s recent advocacy on behalf of the proposition that white people who murder black teenagers should be shielded from prosecution. I’m quite sure you would agree with him on that point.

        Xanthippa says:

        Have you read what I have written on this topic?

        It is silly to label me anti-immigrant – as, well, I am one. Yes, I did the whole political refugee thing, lived in a refugee camp, and found a welcoming home in Canada. Until my health prevented me from continuing to do so, I have (for years) volunteered in ESL programs, helping other immigrants to Canada learn to communicate effectively in English.

        The very first business I started was in the fashion field – I designed one-off pieces (on comission only). (It was how I paid for my University education in Physics.)

        I hired immigrant women – yes, most of them Muslim – to do some of the less specialized work in their home, as they were not permitted to work outside of it. And, yes, I paid very fair wages – in order to help these women earn some tiny bit of independence and feel welcome in our Canadian society. On their terms!

        So, on the topic of immigrant integration: I don’t just talk about it, I actively live it! And, I understand the dangers – especially to women – of the ghettoization of immigrants.

        Yes, I speak out about oppressive doctorines in Islam: vociferously and accurately – because I have taken the time to study Islam, including going to Mosque and all, sitting in the back with the other women. To better understand the context from which Islam arose, I even took a course on Arab history at the local university… Which does not make me an expert, but it does leave me with an understanding of Islam that is deeper than most Canadians have – both in theory and in practice.

        But, I also criticize Christianity – I even got labelled as ‘blogging for Satan’ by the Society of Christians for the Restoration of Old Testament Morality!

        And Judaism: from Kosher slaughter to infant circumcision, both of which are religious practices which have no place in a civilized society.

        To sum up: I have helped many immigrants – including Muslims – enter Canadian society by teaching them effective communication in English, in my spare time. I have helped Muslim immigrant women become part of Canadian society by providing them with part-time jobs that were culturally acceptable for them, but which helped them earn a bit of independence.

        Yet, in your eyes, I have not done enough and am an anti-Muslim extremist…

        So, what have you personally done to help Muslim women enter Canadian society?

  2. Brian Says:

    I have also taught ESL part time for years and been involved in assisting new immigrants find positions in the profession I work it. Thanks for asking.

    So you both teach Muslim women ESL, and support anti-Muslim bigot bloggers who advocate for political repression of Muslim religious practise and for banning those same Muslim immigrants from coming here in the first place. You could say that maybe those things balance out, but in my opinion, your support for anti-Muslim bigots like BCF tip the balance. And of course, you did not even begin to address those issues. You are perfectly fine supporting people who have devoted their lives to dehumanizing Muslism and advocating state-sponsored discrimination against them. And you have labelled those who support state-sponsored discrimination against Muslims “humanitarians”. Tell me, when you interact with these Muslim women, do you ever recommend blogs to them? I’m sure they’d be super pleased to know that you are super into readin some of the most disgustingly bigoted anti-Muslim material being produced in Canada today,

    Xanthippa says:
    This chain is getting long, so, out of necessity, I’ll be brief.

    While I do not agree with every position BCF takes, I do not find your characterization of him to be accurate. It sounds more like invective than a reasoned position, which is why I have not addressed it.

    Yes, some Muslims do read my blog. I wrote one of my series of posts (a few years ago) on Marriage under Sharia specifically because it was requested by a female Muslim reader…

    Another female Muslim reader commented that my post about Fitna (when it first came out) is the only reasoned explanation of the movie which places it in its proper cultural and historical perspective and explains why it is not ‘hate-speech’ but a movie which every Muslim should see and heed.

    In my experience, most Muslim women are very strong opponents of Sharia and support my work in opposing any and all forms of Sharia in Canadian society. It was Muslim women, after all, who let the fight against Sharia courts coming to Ontario!

    • Brian Says:

      Yes, I’m sure many Muslim women love Fitna and Geert Wilders. Especially Wilders’ policy of prohibiting the Koran and Islam generally, thus making those women’s very existance prohibited under law. And of courwse, I’m not at all surprised to your that yet another conservatives who calls themselves pro-free speech is a fan of Wilders, who is a prominent proponent of stripping Muslims of free speech.

      Xan says:
      Well, well, well..

      Of course, you do know that Wilders never said the Koran should be banned.

      He made an ‘If – then’ statement: which is quite a different thing.

      I don’t know if you are just trolling or if you truly do not understand the difference between the two.

      • Brian Says:

        “If” Mein Kampf is banned, “then” the Koran should be banned. The condition precedent has already been met. He is clearly advocating for bannign the Koran. But of course, this is just one of his many policies discriminating against and repressing Muslims. From his ten point plan:

        “Replacement of the present Article 1 of the Dutch constitution, guaranteeing equality under the law, by a clause stating the cultural dominance of the Christian, Jewish and humanist traditions.”

        In other words, institutionalized discrimination against Muslims and institutionalized Judeo-Christian supremacy.

        “A five-year moratorium on the founding of new mosques and Islamic schools; a permanent ban on preaching in any language other than Dutch. Foreign imams will not be allowed to preach. Radical mosques will be closed and radical Muslims will be expelled.”

        In other words, discriminatory building and education policies aimed at supressing Muslim religious practise, entirely unrelated to specific extremist view. Restrictions on freedom of speech in languages other than dutch and for legal foreign residents and expulsion of individuals based on their speech.

        Again. no surprise at all that a “free-speech” conservative would support an anti-free speech European neo-fascist.

      • Brian Says:

        Does this meant that if I begin a campaign to expel extremist conservatives like you from Canada that you will support me as a champion of free speech? Cause I really don’t see the difference between that and your support for anti-Muslim fascist Wilders.

  3. Brian Says:

    Probably one of the most disgustingly bigoted positions taken by BCF is his opposition to any portrayal of Muslims on television unless they are bloodthirsty terrorists. Maybe you could let me know if you agree with said position. When you teach Muslims English, do you let them know that you think that a sign of a true humanitarian is having the position that Muslims should not be portrayed in media other than an inhuman monsters?

    Xanthippa says:

    Now you are just trolling – your assertion is simply not true.

  4. Brian Says:

    Another favourite position of BCF’s is that there is no modern Muslims. So each and every one of the Muslioms you claim to have taugh ESL or employed is a violent extremists and should be treated as such by the state and law enforcement until proven otherwise. Is this a view you agree with? I must assume it is, since you consider the man a humanitarian. Do you tell your students that you consider them violent extremists until they are able to prove otherwise (which would be imposible considering there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim – so if these women identiy as Muslims, they are by definition violent extremists).

    I propose an exercise. You recommend BCF to all the Muslim immigrants you come into contact with and tell them that you think he is a great humanitarian. Then we see what percentatge of them spit in your face the next time they see you. I would guess over 80%. What is your guess?

    Xanthippa says:

    There are several assertions in your post, each of which deserves a separate treatment.

    I have little patience for your villification of BCF – I really don’t know where you get your information from, but…

    I do agree with you that he has made the claim that there is not such thing as a ‘moderate Muslim’. On the other hand, he has promoted work of – yes, moderate Muslims!

    Inconsistency – yes, but while I cannot see into his head, I suspect it is less of an inconsistency in position and more inconsistency in the use of language. OK – not accurate – I am not sure how to find the proper words to express my meaning, but…

    Islamists are adamant that there is no such thing as ‘moderate Muslims’ – that those whom we consider to be moderate Muslims are really apostates who are not sufficiently observant to be called Muslims. And, BCF insists on repeating the Islamist’s message to expose how virulent it is.

    I would put his claims that there are no ‘moderate Muslims’ into the same category as The Society of Christians for the Preservation of Old Testament Morality’s claim that most of the people who consider themselves Christians – ‘moderate Christians’ are not truly Christians…because in order to be moderate, they must both ignore large tracts of their chosen religion’s dogma.

    I hope I am explaining how I understand the claims understandably.

    As for discussions with Muslims – long before I blogged, I discussed the Muhammad cartoons with them when the issue first exploded. And, yes, I convinced several who were ready to take up arms that ridiculing Muhammad was our culture’s curious way of acknowledging his influence on our culture: yes, I went there and succeeded.

    • Brian Says:

      “I have little patience for your villification of BCF – I really don’t know where you get your information from, but…”

      I have little patience for your support for bigoted extremists like BCF. I get my information my reading his blog. He has stated his opposition to media portrayals of non-terrorists Muslims many times. To say that anything BCF does is to support Muslims is the same as saying that Stormfront’s work is actually intended to help Jews and otehr minorities.

      Again, I challenge you to recommend his blog to any Muslims you interact with and see if they have anything other than contempt for you afterwards (which would be entirely justified).

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