Recording and photographing on-duty cops is a Constitutional right in the US


recording devices for recording The DoJ in the US has issued a letter to the Baltimore PD, which is not unique in facing lawsuits for arresting citizens or confiscating/breaking their police conduct:

“Because recording police officers in the public discharge of their duties is protected by the First Amendment, policies should prohibit interference with recording of police activities except in narrowly circumscribed situations,” reads the DoJ’s letter (pdf). “More particularly, policies should instruct officers that, except under limited circumstances, officers must not search or seize a camera or recording device without a warrant. In addition, policies should prohibit more subtle actions that may nonetheless infringe upon individuals’ First Amendment rights. Officers should be advised not to threaten, intimidate, or otherwise discourage an individual from recording police officer enforcement activities or intentionally block or obstruct cameras or recording devices.”

Oh, and citizen journalists – regular people – have as much of a right to record the police as official members of the press!!!
This is good news indeed!

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