Substance of Dualism

Here is some debunking of dualist’s ‘load of dingo’s kidneys’ – much more eloquently than I could have done!


One Response to “Substance of Dualism”

  1. Derek S Says:

    I entirely agree with the man speaking in this video. In fact, I’ve always held the same opinions on the topic as he has articulated (and I’ll admit, he articulated it much better than I have).

    The idea of two contradictory elements existing is pure fiction. Either the physical exists (and all that we attribute to the non-physical is purely a manifestation of the physical) or we (somehow) live an immaterial existence and all that we deem physical are just bundles of sensations. I generally tend to believe the former, but cannot accept the possibility of both to be true.

    Dualists often strawman by denying the fact that materalists (like myself) deny greater meaning in physical processes simply because it is not visible to us. And OUR sense of vision isn’t objective either. As there are animals that sense what we can’t sense, so surely, there is plenty that we are missing.

    But ultimately, the physical is GREATER THAN THE SUM OF ITS PARTS. Materialists like myself don’t deny that, but we embrace it instead.

    Look at chemistry. Two elements can form into a compound that functions looks and functions COMPLETELY different than the two individual elements. Back then, people used to call that magic. Now, with science, we know that the chemical reactions aren’t beyond the elements that compost=e them, but those elements have innate properties that only are revealed to function when combined with another substance.

    The idea that two gasses could make a solid must have been voodoo 1000 years ago.

    Xanthippa says:

    Definition of magic: science we do not yet understand

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