Reason TV: Why The European Union Will Fail: Q&A with Austrian Economist Barbara Kolm

2 Responses to “Reason TV: Why The European Union Will Fail: Q&A with Austrian Economist Barbara Kolm”

  1. Juggernaut Says:

    I agree that the European Union was a terrible idea. The question of what they would do during a crisis was largely ignored at first, but now that there is one, they are facing the consequences.

    Xan, would you think I’m nuts if I said spite Greece to save the rest of Europe.

    Xan says: EU=Balkanization of Europe. Bad idea, because it is an attempt to rid people of their national identity. The backlash against that can be bloody.

    But, to the financial situation: the thing about Greece is that if they are cut loose from the Euro, it will not only help Europe, but it will also help Greece! By letting their currence be devalued when compared to other European countries currencies is the key to their financial salvation.

    Greece is suffering needlessly because of French and German imperialism, insisting on keeping Greece in the EU.

    • Juggernaut Says:

      I entirely agree. Greece has a very irresponsible and unstable form of governing and their bankruptcies will carry down all of the Europe. And by the EU supporting them they are only rewarding the fiscally insolvent government and giving them more time to delay until the inevitable crash happens again.

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