Thunderf00t: Why ‘Feminism’ is poisoning atheism (Part 4)

For ‘Feminism’, read ‘Cultural Marxism’.

It seems that the ‘Plus’ in ‘Atheism-Plus’ (A+) quite accurately describes that this is not a form of skepticism, but a list of dogmatic beliefs which just happen to be non-theistic…but no less destructive!

Most recently, PZ Myers (one of the pillars of A+ – and the unquestionable boss of the Orwellianly-named ‘Freethought Blogs’) had smeared the prominent skeptic thinker Michael Shermer with accusations of ‘rape’ and got himself a ‘cease-and-desist’ letter from Shermer’s lawyers.

But, that is just the latest drive-by-smearing to come from that group of Cultural Marxists who are poisoning the atheism movement.  There have been many before…

Thunderf00t has been speaking out against the A+ bullies for a while.  Here is his latest, which, chronologically, pre-dates this latest smear-campaign:




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