A Four-Step Healthcare Solution (by Hans-Hermann Hoppe)

Yes, I do fall into the category of unhealthy/infirm people.

That is why I have all this time to blog – I am lying in my sickbed, with my laptop propped up on my chest – typing away,  instead of being an actual productive member of society.  Those who can, do – those who can’t teach… or bitch on the internet, as is my case.

Yet, I am all for wholly unrestricted, unregulated and unsubsidized medical system because, from personal experience, it would open up options for people like I, who have chronic illnesses.  It would permit us to make healthcare choices for ourselves, rather that permit faceless bureaucrats who have never met us from limiting our options at their whim.

(And yes, those of us who are not wealthy would still have more choices open to us, by volunteering for free treatment in studies that would further the medical knowledge for all!  After all, a partial hope in a study is much better than no hope in a system that will simply not pay for innovative treatment nor allow you, the patient, to pay for it yourself outside the main medicare – i.e. the current Canadian system!)

After all, he who pays the bills is the master:  if I do not directly pay for my own medical care, then I cannot expect to be the master of it!

And, if it is my body – do I not have the right to choose the medical treatment I receive, instead of delegating it to a faceless bureaucrat who bullies the doctors who go out of their way to help their patients instead of the bureaucracy?!?!?


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