The Freedom Party of Ontario

Ontario is a bit of a disaster now.  Through years of Liberal mismanagement, we are heading the way of Detroit:  not only are businesses being driven away in record numbers, but some of our seniors and poor are sinking into energy poverty so deep that they are having to choose between food and electricity.

It is precisely because the situation is so bad that we need to educate ourselves about political options ‘out there’.  In this spirit, I’d like to share with you an email I received from the Freedom Party of Ontario:


Dear Friends and Supporters,
It is with great pride and pleasure that I present you with your own first-hand opportunity to witness the birth and evolution of Ontario’s most needed and best political option to ever emerge in Ontario:  Freedom Party.
Here it is:  your thirty-seven minute rapid-fire video primer of everything you ever wanted to know about Freedom Party but were simply too polite to ask:
THROUGH THE MEDIA’S LENS: A Brief History of the Freedom Party of Ontario, 1984-2013
Just released after its November 23 preview showing at FP’s ‘Price of Power’ dinner event held in London, this video deals with some of the toughest questions and issues about supporting a new political party, including the big one in the back of everyone’s mind:  the question of electability itself.
Expect no narration in this media compilation.  There isn’t any.  And yet it tells the Freedom Party story in a way that no single narrative possibly could. 
THROUGH THE MEDIA’S LENS is a compressed thirty-year broadcast media account of some of the key principles, campaigns, and election strategies that have come to define Freedom Party over the years, from its founding on January 1, 1984 to the present day.  
Because the video ‘speaks for itself’ as they say, for the time being I shall say no more other than to invite your comments and input on what you see.    We’re already received a lot of feedback from our past few e-mailers, and we plan to share many of them with you as well.   (See ‘announcements & notices’ below.)
Beyond the video’s content and substance, I ask that you also consider this:  all of FP’s amazing progress and growth was made possible thanks to the past freedom pioneers who so generously financially contributed to Freedom Party.  That’s why every Freedom Party contribution is indeed an investment. 
If you like what you see in “Through The Media’s Lens” and think it’s worth supporting, make this your opportunity to financially support the party that makes it all possible:  Freedom Party.    Everything you need is right at your fingertips via the links provided below.  Large contributions or small, every dollar counts, and helps pave the way for yet greater accomplishments ahead.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours in freedom,
Robert Metz
President, CFO,
Freedom Party of Ontario

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