Dear Mr. Hamilton: regarding that Quebec charter of values…

Today, I was copied on an interesting letter which had been sent to Mr. Graeme Hamilton of the National Post as a reaction to his article in the National Post, which was highly critical of the Quebec charter of values.  I thought you might like to read it:

Dear Mr.  Hamilton,

Periodically a poster is displayed, especially on university campuses, depicting a little Arab boy facing an Israeli helicopter swooping down on him armed to the teeth.

The image and connotations presented in that poster are a distortion of the reality.  A more accurate redrawing would depict the little boy held up as a puppet on the end of a giant tentacle attached to a monster which would dwarf the helicopter in turn.

The redrawing is based  on a cartoon that appeared in Private Eye some years ago, depicting a seal-hunter on the ice about to club what he thinks is a baby seal, but is really the snout of a giant Basilosaurus or Kronosaurus-type creature under the ice.

I’m afraid your Saturday article in the National Post, Home No More,  contains a similar misconception.

These black shrouds often worn by Muslim women should be seen as weapons of war, similar to Highland dress and pipes in the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden, and the women wearing them as human shields.

The fact is, and this is being repeated over and over again in cities all over Europe, that once the Muslim population reaches a critical mass in a given area, ALL WOMEN have to cover up, for their own safety.  Indeed, “This is a really serious slippery slope that we are all sliding down right now. I don’t like to be alarmist. I don’t like to talk like this. But I am seeing it happening in front of me. I am seeing …. women scared to walk in the streets” might be a description of precisely such a situation.

Passages such as:   “She was walking to a physiotherapy appointment in her neighbourhood when she saw two men approaching     …… growing number … who say they feel unwelcome [in what they thought were familiar neighbourhoods] … …… a wave of intolerance   ……  Only x% said they felt completely safe when they were outside their homes.”  Indeed “ ….. maybe the tolerance and respect are already out the window.”….. “This is my home, but I no longer feel at home”  are accurate descriptions of what such immigration has done to such cities in Europe.

Quebec is therefore to be applauded for its moves, which I hope are aimed at preventing such a situation from arising here.  Self-indulgent twits such as Ms. Pichette should be grateful that they still live in a society where  “TV host Richard Martineau dresses up in a burqa for laughs” is mostly the worst they have to put up with – although his comparison of burqas and niqabs to KKK sheets is apt.  And if she really “fears for her 14-year-old daughter”, she should maybe stop forcing her to cover up in the first place.

It is incredible that so-called “feminists” are coming out in favour of women wearing these dalek suits.  One might well seriously ask how voluntary it is, in the light of the large numbers of families one sees on hot summer days where the men and boys are dressed in comfortable Western-style shorts and T-shirts and the women tightly swaddled.

In fact, there was a case in a London teaching hospital a few years ago where the professor banned niqabs, burqas, etc., because of the risk of them getting caught in expensive lab equipment.  The response of the Muslim women in the class was “thank you … thank you … our brothers, uncles, cousins, etc. are putting terrible pressure on us to cover up, and now we can tell them ….”

Another disturbing, and related, phenomenon is the way in which Muslim cab-drivers are allowed to refuse blind people’s guide dogs.  As non-Muslim cab-drivers would be fired for this sort of nonsense, reports of Muslims getting favourable treatment should in such cases be described as accurate.



(name redacted)

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