PJTV – Bill Whittle – The Narrative – Political Correctness

What exactly is Political Correctness?

What is Critical Theory?

Why do feminists attack European/Christian/Jewish misogyny, but no other form?

Why is the American brief history of Slavery the only form condemned by modern inteligentsia?

I have written a little about this, and the one and Only CodeSlinger has not only widely commented on the topic, but also guest-posted ‘What is Cultural Marxism’.

If you prefer the answers in a video format, here is a very accessible summary (saying much of what CodeSlinger’s post several years ago explained) by PJ Media’s Bill Whittle:

Reference:  Serenity (a most excellent movie from the Firefly universe – I’ve seen it many times and highly recommend everything Firefly related!!!)

3 Responses to “PJTV – Bill Whittle – The Narrative – Political Correctness”

  1. CodeSlinger Says:


    You ask “Why do feminists attack European/Christian/Jewish misogyny, but no other form?”

    This presupposes that what feminists are attacking is actually misogyny.

    But it isn’t.

    Feminists attack everything that leads to strong families and harmonious cooperation between men and women. These are the things they call misogyny.

    What feminists are attacking are the perfectly normal, healthy sex roles that form the essential foundation of what they hatefully call the White Christian Heteropatriarchy.

    Without that foundation, Western Civilization collapses and global collectivism wins.

    Cultural Marxism’s goal is to pave the way for global collectivism, dominated by a worldwide corporocratic pseudo-state.

    This can only be done by bringing down Western Classical Liberal Culture. And this, in turn, can only be done by striking at its root, the White Christian Heteropatriarchy.

    The strategy is to convince us to view our greatest strengths as weaknesses, our greatest achievements as mistakes, and our wisest traditions as shameful.

    Feminism is only one prong of that attack.

    • xanthippa Says:

      Precisely – and that is what you have written before and what the video says.

      And, because this hypocrisy in feminism is so glaring, many people are noticing it. Which is why it makes such a good ‘leading question’ to get people to learn about Critical Theory.

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