Does facial hair define a teacher?

In a country that prides itself on its tradition of freedom, an employer – a schoolboard, none-the-less – took it upon itself to tell its employees how long their facial hair may or may not be.


Now, I personally think ZZ Top would make better teachers than most teachers, and their beards are considerable, but I am not the Philadelphia School District.  Those govenrment bureaucrat fascists thought it was OK to tell their employees how long a beard they may or may not have (regardless of the reasons).

Can you believe that regulatory over-reach?  Outrageous!!!

This article takes a look at this from a ‘freedom of religion’ point of view, which, in my never-humble-opinion, is a fundamental error:  the reason for how a person chooses to grow and/or groom their hair (facial or otherwise) should only become an issue if physical safety is an issue (machinery, etc, which may require long hair be confined in a net, and so on, or requiring no hair for ID purposes) – otherwise, it is none of the employer’s business, when that employer is the government.



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