Why do people laugh at ‘feminist research’?

2 Responses to “Why do people laugh at ‘feminist research’?”

  1. Rita Says:

    Confession: I hang in there for the first minute and half, then I fast forwarded…………I guess I dont have the staying powers to ever make it on that scene…

    • xanthippa Says:

      The reason I bring these videos to my blog is not obvious, but, beneath it all, very, very important.

      There is such a thing called ‘Frankfurt school’ which originated the theory and practice of Cultural Marxism.

      Cultural Marxism is wonderfully explained by CodeSlinger in an early guest-post to this blog.

      It is the application of Marxist theories not to economy, but to culture.

      It is a most corrosive theory/practice, designed to destroy our Western culture (and our standard of living) in order to make humans more easy to manipulate by the elites.

      Feminism is one of the vectors of Cultural Marxism.

      Identity studies (women’s studies, black studies, native peoples’ studies) are another vector of Cultural Marxism. As are ‘environmentalism’ and ‘bio-diversity’ and various other pseudo scientific fields which use the language of science to promote the anti-scientific agenda of Cultural Marxism.

      Political Correctness is a linguistic tool employed by Cultural Marxists to obscure logic, vilify legitimate political adversaries, and render the populace defenseless to Cultural Marxist indoctrination.

      The red/green alliance is another tool of the Cultural Marxists: and, perhaps, the most dangerous ones. You see, the Cultural Marxist believe that the Islamist/Sharia Supremacist movement can be a useful tool in destroying Western Culture – and, that once Western Civilization is destroyed, they can defeat Islamism as easily as they had destroyed Christianity.

      The problem is that Cultural Marxists truly and honestly do not understand true and unquestioning religious fanaticism, so the underestimate it.

      Where in lies the existential problem: while the red/green axis exists, we (Western people) are being attacked from seemingly unrelated directions. And Third wave feminism is just one of them. And all of their goal is to end our very existence.

      And third wave feminism has, especially in the forms of Anita Sarkeesian et all, made it their mission to infiltrate atheist movements that want to keep religion in the private sphere and celebrate humanism (and thus oppose all attempts at returning society to religious rule – including submission to Sharia supremacist Islamists) and subvert the movement to the directives of Cultural Marxism.

      And THAT is why this is important!!!

      This is why this is important.

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