Young girls is Europe fear going to the grocery store alone

This is a very moving video.  Not translated by one in  our network (we can’t catch them all!) and thus the quality of the translation is not up to our usual standards, but, it does convey the greater point this 16-year-old German girl is making:


And what are the ‘Western feminists’ doing to protect these girls from being sexually harassed and even raped by these rapefugees?

By these fake refugees?

Because once they transit one safe country without applying for a refugee asylum, they are legally no longer ‘refugees’ – and the moment they enter the second safe country without applying for asylum they are criminals, according to currently valid international law.

So, in no uncertain terms, Europe is being overrun by criminals who are mostly young, able-bodied Muslim men who are Sharia Supremacists, with no desire to work (international statistics show that only about 20% of Muslims who migrated to Europe or are 2nd generation European Muslims even seek employment) who openly express the desire to kill European natives and rape Europena women.

And they do live up to their threats!

And why would they feel this entitled to take Western European monetary support without feeling obligated?  Because they believe that all European money is really Allah’s money and it is the duty of the Europeans to financially support all Muslims due to their religious superiority.

This is called Sharia supremacism.

Yet, not everyone is buying into it.  (Disclosure – I have done several of these translations.)

So, what are our feminazis doing about all this oppression of women and actual rape culture?

It turns out that they spend their time staring at Batman’s butt:


It makes me want to get off this planet!!!

7 Responses to “Young girls is Europe fear going to the grocery store alone”

  1. peterodonnell Says:

    Batman is off the hook, now that he changed his name to Mohammed El Batmani. Robin has not chosen a gender yet so the verdict is out on him?? her?? whatever??

    • xanthippa Says:

      It is my understanding that sexing robins is very difficult and even ornithologists have a hard time of it. If you look at the robin’s face and observe the ‘hairline’ (please forgive that turn of phrase) where the red turns into gray, if the pattern forms more of a ‘sharp’ v, the robin is most likely female. If, however, that pattern is more ‘u’ shaped, the robin is more likely male.

      However, since ‘gender’ is a social construct, so don’t pay any attention to the ornithologists!!!

  2. CodeSlinger Says:


    It’s good to see people like this girl finally speaking out. But to what avail?

    She keeps asking, why? Why have you brought these people here? Why do you let them stay? Why do you not protect us?

    She receives only evasion and dissembling in reply. Most likely, she would never believe the real answers, because they would fly in the face of everything she has been taught in the schools, run by the very government that pointedly ignores her plight.

    So she is reduced to confused hand wringing and begging the government for help – ironically, the same government responsible for disarming and gelding the nation’s men.

    Up to now, this is a process she probably tacitly approved of and participated in. Or, if not her, then certainly the vast majority of her sisters. And thus the most poignantly ironic part of the video is when she beseeches those men to protect their women and children.

    Sorry, my dear, but in a country full of disarmed and neutered metrosexuals, where are men supposed to come from?

    The vast majority of Western men are like the (gay) Dutch author Oscar Van den Boogaard, who describes coping with the islamization of Europe as “a process of mourning,” giving rise to an “overwhelming feeling of sadness.” Sadness, of course, is the result when helplessness prevents anger from leading to action. He admits as much when he goes on to say,

    I am not a warrior, but who is? I have never learned to fight for my freedom. I was only good at enjoying it.

    And so the only men who stand ready, willing, and able to shoulder the universal responsibility of men to protect their women and children are outfits like PEGIDA and the Football Hooligans.

    These men are predictably decried by the government and the media as “right wing extremist thugs.” But they are what they are only because political correctness made regular people afraid to associate with them. At least up to now. And that puts regular people between a rock and a hard place, because it has become crystal clear that the time for such squeamishness is over.

    There is no one else to turn to.

    Those who abjure violence can only do so because others are committing violence on their behalf.

    — George Orwell

  3. La sumisión de Occidente ante el islam | NUEVA EUROPA- Nueva Eurabia Says:

    […] Las chicas jóvenes en Europa tienen miedo de ir a la tienda de comestibles solas […]

  4. CodeSlinger Says:


    Just as I said above, Angela Merkel evades and dissembles while German police use water cannons against their own people.

    That was 5,000 Germans, and it was only the tip of the iceberg. The next protest was 25,000. The sleeping giant is beginning to stir.

    Meanwhile, here’s what the so-called refugees are up to.

    And here’s what it looks like in the UK, after “assimilation”.

    To put it mildly, there is a nasty, belligerent edge on both sides of this situation.

    A policy that pushes these two groups into each other’s faces can lead only to wholesale slaughter and the destruction of Europe.

    Finally, here is Geert Wilders. Progressives call this guy a rabid neo-Nazi. And in doing so, they rob the term of all deterrent power.

    If this is what progressives mean when they call you a neo-Nazi, take it as a compliment.

  5. CodeSlinger Says:


    Well, well. The voice of the people is beginning to be heard.

    Sweden to expel 80,000 “asylum seekers”

    This is good news! But I suspect it’s only a strategic retreat on the part of the progressive multi-culti destroyers of nations. They are terrified of being thrown out of power if they persist too bull-headedly at this time.

    Don’t be lulled into a premature illusion of victory.

    Their intentions have not changed.

    They will try to regroup and come back in sneaky ways, pushing the same agenda from another angle.

    Don’t let them!

    This could be the moment when the tide begins to turn.

    Their momentum is interrupted.

    Do not let them regain their balance!

    Keep pushing!

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