Is it too late to save Sweden?

Even some Swedish politicians are starting to admit that the rule of law in Sweden is breaking down.

The police admit to 53 no-go zones, where they dare not go and where Sharia rules supreme.

Yet, many Swedes are still not willing to face the reality of what they have unwittingly created by adhering to their multicultural dogma regardless of the reality on the ground.

Is it too late to save Sweden?

Is it too late to save Europe?

Is it too late to save any part of The West?

6 Responses to “Is it too late to save Sweden?”

  1. Juggernaut Says:

    I’d rather live in Sweden than the United States. Cleaner water and air. More advanced technology. Less prisons. Less police brutality. Less gang members shooting guns on the street at 3AM. And no military industrial complex.

    • xanthippa Says:

      The rule of law is breaking down in Sweden – and violence in some parts of Sweden makes Chicago look like a pleasant sub-urb…

    • CodeSlinger Says:


      Well, if you like Sweden, you’ll just love prison: the government provides everything you need, everyone is treated exactly the same, and only the police have guns.

  2. CodeSlinger Says:


    I’m not quite prepared to say that it’s too late for the West, but the hour cometh, and there isn’t a man in sight. We have no mature, civilized men who are accustomed to the controlled use of violence. Just a bunch of metrosexual mama’s boys who would rather live on their knees than fight for their freedom.

    Remember my warnings about the inchoate paroxysms of uncontrolled brutality that erupt when the anger of pussified cowards finally overpowers their fear?

    Well, it’s starting.

  3. Gary Braxton Says:

    The traditional emergency services, especially the ambulance they have problems in the Stockholm area, said Dr. M rten Rosenqvist

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