Nigel Farage on the need for ‘Rompuy – dumpy’ and more

By now, most people have probably seen the video of the Brit elected member of European Parliament, Nigel Farage’s lambasting of the unelected President of the European Council, His Holiness Van Rompuy (pronounced ‘rumpy’).  If not, it is available at TheReferencFrame, JustRight, and many others wonderful places.

Farage is being told that he, as the elected official, has no right to criticize Von Rompuy.  Here on Alex Jones (OK – Alex Jones is a bit of a nut, but, every now and then, he does have good interviews), Nigel Farage explains how this is a victory of bureaucracy over democracy:

Part 1

Part 2

And, just to put it into perspective, take a peek at this: “Behind The Big News: Propaganda and the CFR”.  (Hat tip:  TheReferenceFrame.  Lubo Motl said he thought it sounded a bit conspiracy-theorist-like, so he fact-checked it  – it appears to be on the up-and-up.)

Just as it looks like the whole poitical/financial world is going down the toilet, we are being told that to be eco-friendly, we ought to be flushing our loved ones who pass away down the toilet!   (Just imagine the exorcisms we’ll need the next time the Ottawa homes’ basements fill with untreated sewage – once we begin to pour human remains ‘down the drain’!  Talk about throwing the baby out with the bath-water…)

MooseAndSquirrel has the reducing-humans-to-poop-sludge eco-cremation story, along with links to that Global Warming Alarmism classic movie, ‘Soylent Green’ (yes – the reason things are so desperate in movie-dystopia is because of anthropogenic Global Warming!).  Spooky:  the eco-cremation process, as described in M&S’s links, covers people in silk and dissolves them in a liquid…. JUST like in the movie!

It almost makes you wonder if the conspiracy theory nuts are less nutty than we give them credit for…