Ottawa’s Mayor: NOT GUILTY!!!

Breaking news:  Ottawa’s Mayor, Larry O’Brien, has just been found NOT GUILTY of ‘influence peddling’ charges!

Of course, many voices have been screaming that this whole mess has been lawfare.  And, many people will now want to know why has the operation of the City of Ottawa been so seriously disrupted on a bunch of trumped up, unsubstantiated rumours.

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Lisa McLeod testifies in court that she is a crooked politician

OK – as much as I hate to admit it, Warren Kinsella has scored a point in the ‘Larry O’Brien influence peddling trial’.  Not the one he intended to – but, he has scored…

For those who are unfamiliar with Warren Kinsella, he is a Liberal spin doctor whose favourite tactic is to make up a charge (especially if there is a ‘grain of truth to it’ – even if NOT in the way he formulates it), throw it at his masters’ political opponents, and see if any of the excrement sticks…  A dubious tactic at best, it is – in my never-humble-opinion, precisely this tactic that is at the root of the ‘Mayor Larry O’Brien’ trial.

It is obvious that the main targets of this particular feces-slinging tactic were John Baird (the Conservative Minister, and a long-time rival of the past – ‘labour-union- and-Chretien- Liberals-friendly’ Ottawa Mayor, Bob Chiarelli) and the high-tech enterpreneur and philantropist turned Ottawa Mayor Larry O’Brien, who ran on a platform of curbing the power of labour unions over the policies of the City of Ottawa.  Little Lisa McLeod, though a well-connected conservative, was hardly in the cross-hairs of this particular salvo.


She is the one who just might have ended her political career with her yesterday’s testimony at the trial!


In no uncertain terms, Ms. McLeod testified that she is a crooked politician!

No, she did not actually say those words…  But, even a rudimentary amount of logic and reasoning applied to her testimony leads one to the inevitable conclusion that she is, indeed, a corrupt politician who ought to be run out of town and never ever elected again.  (And, if you read my blog regularly, you will know I say this as a ‘little ‘c’ conservative’ who abhores the excesses of various Liberal governments!)

So, what was it that Lisa McLeod said that has lead me to this extreme loathing?

While testifying at Larry O’Brien’s trial, Lisa McLeod stated the following (according to CFRA’s reporter of the trial Anna Drahovzal’s report on Thursday morning – the interview is not yet available on the CFRA site at the time this is being written).  But, to the best of my recollection of her report….

  • Lisa McLeod had, during a ‘casual conversation’ with Larry O’Brien, noticed that he spoke of Terry Kilrea ‘as if he were no longer a candidate’ for the Mayor’s chair.
  • Larry O’Brien – according to Lisa McLeod – said “we are talking to Terry about an appointment”
  • Lisa McLeod testified that she BELIEVED (not KNEW, but ‘BELIEVED’) that this ‘appointment’ was to do with the ‘parole board’ (Larry O’Brien is charged with attempting to bribe Terry Kilrea with a ‘parole board’ appointment to drop out of the Mayoral race so as not to split the right-of-centre vote).
  • Under cross-examination from the defense attorney, Ms. McLeod’s memory of the events was questioned:  in particular, she was asked if the numerous ‘smear-stories’ published in the local newspapers at about this time about the ‘parole board appointment’ could have affected her ‘belief’ in what the ‘appointment’ was in reference to…
  • While admitting that she could not be sure, Ms. McLeod testified that after this particular conversation, she intentionally avoided all media coverage of this controversy/scandal, because she thought this would go to trial and she did not want her memory to be tainted…

Please, think about this!!!

And, consider the ‘other’ testimonies… that when O’Brien was approached by Kilrea to get him ‘the parole board appointment’, O’Brien asked ‘people’ (as in, his lawyer and some politicians) about this:  ALL of them told him this would be illegal and he must not be seduced into any firm offer along these lies.  As a matter of fact, the testimonies so far are that all the ‘politicians’ he asked for advice ‘screamed’ at him to ‘not touch this’!

McLeod DID NOT!!!

Now, before you think her naive or anything like that, please, consider her own testimony in court!

She BELIEVED this was ILLEGAL – because she claims that she intentionally avoided media coverage of this in order not to taint her memory of the event for when it went to trial.  This PROVES that SHE was convinced this was an ILLEGAL action (whether it WAS or NOT – that is up to the courts….but, her statement PROVES that SHE thought that Larry O’Brien was taking an illegal action)!

Yet, she did NOT go to the police!!!

Now, if I were to witness something I considered to be ‘illegal action’ – I would be VERY CLEAR that I would bring all of this to the attention to the police.  And, as soon as possible, I WOULD inform the police of this!

Lisa McLeod HAD TESTIFIED that she witnessed what SHE believed was an illegal action (she thought ‘it would come to trial’), yet she did NOT report it to the police!

That means one of two possible things:

  1. She was so used to politicians using ‘illegal’ means to become elected, she thought it ‘normal’ enough not to report the crime to the police
  2. OR… she was not willing to call the cops when she thought the ‘illegal action’ was taken by a person who was a political ally….putting her partisanship above the law!!!

BOTH of these options are ABOMINABLE!!!

In not so many words, Lisa McLeod has PROVEN that she is NOT WILLING to put the law above her own political ambition…


At least, that is my never-humble-opinion…..

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