Your choice: nude photos or sexual assault

Usually, I rant and nag about ‘stuff’.

Not this time.

This time, I am full of questions, not answers.

Frankly, I don’t really know what to make of it all.

Where it began, how it became accepted, how come this is happening!?!?!

As in, how has this behaviour become so normalized in our society that we accept it without questioning?

OK – I need to back up a little bit….and explain what I am talking about.

When a citizen of a ‘Western Democracy’ wishes to travel from one point to another, they are supposed to be ‘free’ to do so.  They are not to be hindered by any government actions.

Of any kind.

This is all about that ‘freedom of movement’ thingy… of them pesky ‘innate’ human rights!

Now, if a said person contracts someone (a person or company) to facilitate his/her travel, it is a private contract between a free citizen and either another free citizen or, more frequently, a company.  Let’s call it ‘a concern’…

Like, say, a concern that runs taxis, buses, horse-dawn carriages, trains or airplanes from one city to another – within the city or without, within the country or internationally.  (A government has the jurisdiction to control who crosses the border, but not how ‘free citizens’ travel within them….)

Therefore, said contract is a private, civil business transaction between a free citizen and a private concern.

Since the citizen has the right to freedom of movement, any and all security measures are strictly a matter of the contract between the free citizen and the private concern which is providing said transportation service.

Therefore, in my never-humble-opinion, any security involved in a private individual contracting a private concert to transport them, is a matter strictly between the two contracting parties.  A strictly ‘civil’ matter!

Yet, somehow, we have permitted ‘government’ to play that role!


How in the world did ‘government’ get to dictate the security terms of civil contracts of private citizens?

How could, in a truly free society, any such government regulation be permitted, much less legislated?!?!?

And from what I read and hear, the government is now dictating the terms of all air travel, forcing private citizens to either submit to scanners which render photographic-level images of the citizens’ nude form (which, of course, also reveal a huge amount of bio-graphic data which can – and likely will – be used to identify that person in the future) – or submit to a ‘pat down’ which, in any other situation, would be grounds for charging the government agent performing said ‘pat down’ with sexual assault!

Of course, if we submit to this treatment – guilty until proven innocent – during air travel, it WILL spread to other venues…using the same justification:  security above freedom!

Admission – I do not often listen to Alex Jones; sometimes, he is a bit ‘out there’.  But, there are instances where the ‘outliers’ truly are the proverbial ‘canaries in the coal-mines’.  So, I invite you to listen to his interview of a woman who was traveling with her children and all of whom (including the very young children) were subjected to having their genitals probed in a highly intrusive manner:

(Caution:  this is disturbing and graphic description of what, under any reasonable circumstances, would be described as sexual assault of a woman AND her children – the interview starts a few minutes into the video)

This is more intrusive than what used to happen in the slave markets!!!

Yes, you would be naked and exposed – no more than the ‘naked scanner’ machines do now – but at least, in slave markets, the buyers were not permitted to touch your genitals out in the open…..and nobody was permitted to store the biometric data gained from the ‘naked body scans’!!!

And THAT just involves ‘VOLUNTARY’ examinations:  the ones you permit yourself to be subjected to in order to be permitted – by your government – to exercise your innate freedom of movement, as agreed to in a private contract between yourself and a non-government controlled private individual/company!!!

I simply do not understand why this is acceptable.

Why do we permit our governments to pass laws which permit them such intrusive regulation of our freedom of movement?!?!

An ‘airline ticket’ is a private, civil contract!

It is the business of the airline to provide the security sweeps of the people who contracted them for transport.

If one private company’s security checks are more intrusive than another’s, it will be a matter of private contract made at the time the services of the transport company were contracted.

Companies whose security measures were ineffective would soon loose their customers.

Ditto for companies whose security measures were way too intrusive.

But, throughout it all, the customers would have a choice:  do I choose to travel with company A, whose civil contract does permit the performance of highly intrusive security checks before permitting their customers entry onto aircraft….and who, presumably, offers greater ‘security’, or do I choose to travel with company B, who does no real security checks at all?  Or, do I choose company C, who is somewhere in-between?

Either way, it is the customer’s choice to enter into a private contract which specifies the level of  inspection/security one is both ‘subjected to’ and ‘protected by’.

And, it is a part of a civil contract!

It is, in no way-shape-or-form, the government’s business!!!

So, why do we permit the government and its agents to be the ones who not only perform all security scans, but also have jurisdiction over who is or is not permitted to exercise his or her rights to freedom of travel?

To collect and store all this data about us?

Why do we permit our governments to regulate a whole industry which permits us to exercise one of our  core human rights?

How did we ever permit governments to usurp this level of control over us?

Leto was right:  a population which walks is easier to control!

Not a single terrorist has been caught through any of these ‘security measures’:  so, what is their actual purpose?

Truly, do think about it…..and ask yourself:  Why do we permit this?

If you figure it out, please, let me know:  I sure cannot see any reason  for all this beyond conditioning us towards ‘general acceptance’ of greater and greater oppression….of normalizing greater and greater infringements on our freedoms!

In the name of keeping us ‘safe’, of course!

Of course, this type of ‘surveillance’ is not limited to airports:  we now have disguised vans roaming our streets, taking x-ray images of everything they encounter:  the dose of x-ray radiation we unknowingly receive, we are assured, is no greater that that received during a routine x-ray….

How is that ‘safe’ for, say, a fetus during the first trimester?

Can somebody please explain to me how this is ‘enhancing our freedom’?!?!?

Or even ‘respecting’ our bodily security?