Green party calls for more ‘pulp and paper’ jobs?!?

I’m sorry, but this defies belief!

I am in the process of wathching the Canadian ‘Leaders debate’ – and it is frustrating me to no end!

Not only are factually incorrect statements allowed to stand, and all the baggage that goes along with it…BUT

Ms. May, the leader of the Green Party – you know, the one that is supposed to protect the environment – has now REPEATEDLY called for creation of jobs in ‘pulp and paper’!!!

Does she not know the environmental impact of these???

The ignorance of these people (not just Ms. May) is astounding!

And as for Sweden….quietly, without much fanfare, the Scandinavian countries have been drastically reducing corporate taxes in order to re-invigorate their industries….so how can THEY get away with claiming they want to follow the Swedish example by keeping corporate taxes high????

I don’t know if I can stand watching the rest of this farce.