‘Media bias’ joke

I wish I could take credit for this joke, but I heard it on the radio this morning.  A caller to a show said it – so I don’t even know whom to attribute it to.  But, it is excellent!

(For any non-Canadian readers:  our current Prime Minister, Steven Harper, is a conservative – and it appears that 99% of the media people in Canada are fighting a valiant battle to ensure he is not re-elected…even though Canadian people like him.  The media have systematically villified him, reported bad things – and blown them out of proportion – and failed to even mention positive things.  It is several orders of magnitude more pronounced than what the liberal media in the US is doing, yet most of them are honestly blind to it and think themselves ‘objective’.)

So, without more ado, here is the joke:

Yesterday, Prime Minister Harper walked across the Ottawa River with bare feet.

Today’s media headlines:  HARPER UNABLE TO SWIM!!!