Steyn/Macleans update

As most Canadians are aware, the ‘Steyn verdict’ came out yesterday:  Steyn and Macleans have been acquitted.  If you are not aware of the situation:

  • Macleans is Canada’s oldest news magazine. 
  • Macleans reprinted, as an article, an excerpt from ‘America Alone’, a book by Mark Steyn.
  • In this excerpt, Mark Steyn quotes a Norwegian Imam as saying that (I am paraphrasing) Muslims will win Europe without ever raising the sword, because they will outbreed the indigenous Europeans.
  • The term the Imam used was that ‘Muslims are breeding like mosquitoes’…
  • There was never a question that this is an accurate quote, the Imam has confirmed saying this
  • Despite this, 3 different ‘courts’ – Human Rights Commissions/Tribunals in Canada have charged Steyn/Macleans for ‘spreading hate against Muslims’ for pritnitn this quote.
  • The Human Rights ‘courts’ do not follow the rigorous rules and procedures of a regular court, but their rulings are no less binding.  And, ‘double jeopardy’ (in this case, triple), where a person can only be charged once per offence, do not apply, nor does ‘innocent until proven guilty’, nor is truthfulness of the comment an acceptable defence:  they do not decide truthfullness, but ‘hurtfulness’ of a comment.
  • Their defence bill (not reimbursable, not allowed to even sue to be reimbursed for court costs) has topped 7 figures.

So, finally, yesterday, they were aquitted of the charges.  Here is an MP3 podcast of an interview where Mr. Steyn describes the experience in his own words.   Here’s the audio [mp3] (via Western Standard’s shotgun blog)


Island of Merzy – part 2

A few days ago, I posted part 1 of this story, in order to demonstrate that we, Aspies, do indeed have a most excellent sense of humour.  If you liked it (or the comment by EBD – which, by the way, is brilliant and which I intend to use as ‘my witty anecdote’ during this weekend’s Thanksgiving dinner – you might enjoy this one.

When the explorer landed on the island of Merzy, he was amazed by so many
things…one of them was just how healthy and youthfull looking all the natives were.
Once he was accepted, he learned the secret: they had a special tea that they
brewed in a particular way, according to ancient rituals….

What was neat about it was that the tea was made from some special buds that grew
very high up in these trees that grew only on the island of Merzy. There was no way
humans could collect them from the fragile tips of branches…. The Merzians had a unique solution: trained Koalas!!!

The Koalas collected the buds – we don’t want to know the detais – then return to the villabe.  There they were (eventually) collected, and processed in a secret way – then, they were brewed into a tea.

When the explorer had to leave the island of Merzy, the chief’s daughter was very sad (the two had fallen in love). He promised to return to her as soon as his duties allowed – and she gave him (secretly) a sack of the Koala tea for his journey.

When our explorer returned to his Queen (who had funded the expedition), he wanted to repay her in the best way possible. Since his love had taught him to brew the Koala tea, he prepared it exactly right, to serve it to the queen.

During his audinece, a servant was bringing the tea in – and noticed there ‘bits’ floating in it – and, mindful of court etiquette, the servant strained the chunks out, returened the tea to the pot, and brougt it in.

The explorer served the tea to the queen and her court: they all drank of it – and mmediatelly died!

Why, do you ask?

Because the Koala Tea of Merzy is NOT strained!