‘We SO pwned them!’

I am dreading Wednesday morning.


Because tonight, my kids got to stay up later than ‘New Year’s Eve’, in order to follow our Canadian election coverage.  And, tomorrow morning, it will be I who has to drag them out of bed and get them on the school bus – and I am NOT a morning person at the best of times!

But it was worth it!

This Canadian election may have seen the lowest voter turnout in history (58%, if one can rely on the preliminary numbers), but this apathy was NOT descriptive of the atmosphere in our home.  We went to vote as a family – with both kids observing and learning.  My younger son’s class really got into the mechanics – not the politics (well, not officially, though he did seem to come away with the opinion that the guy who sat beside the lady was the only one with the wrong ideas during the debate) – of the election, and he was eager to see it up close and real.  I must admit his enthusiasm was infectious.

He was aware that his hero, Ezra Levant, supported the Conservatives – that was all the leadership he needed.  From the moment the results began to trickle in, he felt sad – the Conservatives were trailing.  I explained that Atlantic Canada (especially Newfoundland) was a bastion of Liberals, and that as the results  go West (perhaps with the exception of Toronto), we would see the Liberal numbers be overtaken by the Conservative ones.

We went over a graphic example how ‘higher popular vote’ could actually result in ‘fewer seats’, if some ridings were won by a slim minority while others lost by a landslide.  And we discussed how having many (5, this time) political parties affects results, and how this can put an incredible amount of power into the hands of the few ‘independant’ candidates who got elected, and who would be wooed in a minority government where they just might hold the few deciding voices!

As the poll results were coming in, the Conservative numbers – both the number of seats and popular vote (and the popular vote seemed more important to him) – were rising.  When they both rose above the Liberal ones, there was no holding back! 

‘We’re pwning them!’  he called out and started punching the sofa, because he could not hold his excitement in any longer.  As the hour got later, and the sofa looked quite defeated, we compromised.  He would be allowed to stay up to see the results, as long as he limited himself to punching the air and stopped taking his excitement out on the furniture.

It was during Prime Minister Harper’s victory speech that he finally drifted off to sleep – but not before saying:  ‘Mom, we SO pwned them!  And our Prime Minister – he’s an Aspie like we are, isn’t he?’

While I am dissapointed that the Conservatives did not win a majority, I never really expected that they would.  And with both the Liberal Party and the Green Party (like THEY really count now…still they failed to elect a single member) quite openly plotting the removal of their respective leaders – combined with Mr. Harper’s excellent ability to run a minority governmen (having run THE longest lasting minority government in the history of our lovely country) – I do have to agree with my son:  ‘We SO poned them!’

It’s just the process of getting everyone up and off to school/work tomorrow morning that I dread!  Perhaps I should try to fall asleep – if only I could get the adrenaline out of my blood stream…


Note:  this post has been edited for spelling, as per a reader noticing my error (see comments).