The plight of the Palestinian people in Gaza

More and more Palestinians in Gaza blame Hamas for all the violence they are suffering!!!

Most Palestinians may have voted for Hamas during the last elections, but they have since learned that living under the rule of Hamas is terrible!  Now, they know that Hamas and their disrespect for human life is the cause of their suffering – including the Israeli attacks! 

But, what can they do now? Who will protect them from their own government?  Hamas may have been legitimately elected in Gaza, but they are not using legitimate methods to govern!

Since coming to power, Hamas has seriously oppressed the Gazan population.  Right away, opposition party members (Fatah) were jailed – many were executed.  Journalists were gagged:  no more freedom of the press, thus keeping the world from seeing what they were doing to the people who had elected them.  Demonstrations by the civilian population were brutally suppressed (doctors being specifically targetted).

And, not much was said about it in the world… This is the ‘soft racism’ of mainstream media which consistently fails to report abuses done by a ‘favoured’ groups, like Hamas has become. 

Please, take a look.  This is how Hamas treats the Gazans:


Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia on Hamas, which would appear to give independant support to the claims in the video above:

In addition to killing Israeli civilians and armed forces, Hamas has also attacked suspected Palestinian collaborators, and Fatah rivals.[167]

On February 2007, members of the Palestinian Red Crescent, speaking on conditions on anonymity, said that Hamas had confiscated their humanitarian supply convoys that were destined for Palestinian civilians. Hamas claims the supplies were heading to former members of Fatah.[citation needed]

Human Rights Watch has cited a number of summary executions as particular examples of violations of the rules of warfare, including the case of Muhammad Swairki, 28, a cook for Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s presidential guard, who was thrown to his death, with his hands and legs tied, from a 15-story apartment building in Gaza City.[168]

Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups frequently extra judicially execute or otherwise punish those they consider collaborators with Israel. Frequent killings of unarmed people have also occurred during Hamas-Fatah clashes.[169][170]

Thousands of angry Hamas loyalists marched on 24 February 2008 at the funeral of a Muslim preacher who died in PNA custody, turning the ceremony into a rare show of defiance against President Mahmoud Abbas.[171]

Hamas imprisoned their political opponenets, tortured and executed them…  Hamas stole humanitarian supplies from the already suffering people, sold them to the highest bidder and used the money to buy more weapons.  When they could no longer buy sewage pipes  from Israel because it was discovered they used them to build Kassam rockets, they started ripping up the already aging sewer system for more pipes….causing sewage floods severe enough that some people (including kids) died. 

As disgusting as it is, it is true.  Hamas did not care if what they did caused the children in Gaza to drown in sewage, if it helped them fight Israel…  Do you think the people of Gaza have not realized this? 


Hamas may have been legitimately elected, but they are not using legitimate methods to govern!

Here is another video which shows how Hamas ‘maintains order’ in Gaza…

When Israel has invaded Gaza – in order to stop the shelling of its civilian populations by Hamas – what was the first thing Hamas did?  It shot several hundred Gazan civilians in their legs (kneecapped them) because they feared that the very people of Gaza would welcome the Israeli forces as liberators from Hamas oppression and help them!!!

Let me say it again, in no uncertain words:  Hamas knows that the civilian population of Gaza is ready to work even with the ‘hated Israelis’, if it will free them of Hamas!

Hamas, whose top leadership lives in Syria – not Gaza – has many goals… but the well-being of ordinary Gazans is not one of them.  Now, the Palestinian people living in Gaza know it, too. 

Hamas is anti-Israel, not pro-Palestinian people!  The two are not the same!

Please, if you wish to support the Palestinian people, if you are truly moved by their plight and wish to join a demonstration to show your support – do NOT tolerate any show of support for Hamas there.  Please, tell any co-demonstrator who seems unaware of this that showing support for Hamas is anti-Palestinian people. 

Please, do not allow the oppressors to continue to hijack the demonstrations meant to show support for their very victims.  Support the people of Gaza, not Hamas!

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