In defense of Free Speech: Geert Wilders

This is NOT about Geert Wilders, or about his movie Fitna.

This is NOT about what I, you – or anyone else thinks about him or the movie.

This is about giving our politicians the power to silence us, one voice at a time!

Ezra Levant has all the details of the charges now brought against the Dutch Paliamentarian for daring to speak his mind.  Ezra also has a most excellent analysis of the situation – clear, concise and exhaustive.  Much better than how I could say it!

All I will add is:  it is not about a particular voice, what that voice says, or how that voice says it.  It is about us permitting our governments, our politicians, the power to decide which ideas are ‘legal’, which are ‘illegal’ – and giving them the ability to silence us, one voice at a time….

h/t:  BlazingCatfur


UPDATE:  Walker Morrow has started ‘Defend Geert Wilders’, to central place to bring attention to the fight for Free Speech in the specific case of Geert Wilders!  Thank you, Walker Morrow! 


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