Holocaust Rememberance Day

Let us not forget:  never again!

We all have the responsibility – as individuals and as members of the human race – to never again let this happen!  It does not matter who the victims are:  if they are a specific race, or religion, or whatever!   Because, as my favourite philosopher says:

A person’s a person, no matter how small!

So, as we ponder and remember this horrible thing that happened – the Holocaust – we must not lie to ourselves about HOW something like that could possibly occur.

Some people are quick to point out that the Holocaust did not begin with actions – and they are right.  The Holocaust began with the BANNING OF FREE SPEECH!

Pre-Hitler Germany had very strong ‘hate-speech laws’ – ones which were eerily similar to the ‘hate-speech’ laws we, in Canada, much of the EU, and other ‘Western countries’, have now.  And, the Jewish community in Germany then was quite ‘satisfied’ with the way these laws were used to prosecute people who SPOKE anti-semitic sentiments.  Just as many Jewish groups say they are ‘satisfied’ with the ‘hate-speech’ laws here, now…

These very same ‘hate-speech’ laws were used in 1930’s Germany to muzzle anyone who spoke up against the ACTIONS and government policies which brought about the Holocaust!  Remember my first law of human dynamics:  if a law CAN be abused in any way – IT WILL.  Do people really not see the danger how laws which allow governments to silence people on topics of their choice can be abused?  Or that they are indeed being abused now…that the seeds of abuse of these very laws have already been sown in our society and are beginning to sprout?

Look around yourself now:  we are seeing more and more people becoming muzzled (even including lifetime bans to speak or communicate in any way on a whole topic!) for speaking up against certain government policies!!!

This is ONE lesson we MUST learn from history – because the Holocaust is something we must never allow to be repeated!

Never again!
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4 Responses to “Holocaust Rememberance Day”

  1. The LS from SK Says:

    Unfortunately X – we have before and we will again. Even as we speak.

    But we just soften the terms/words.

    Now called “Genocide”, “crimes against humanity” or ‘massacre”

    Xanthippa says:
    I know, LS, but…

    We MUST keep shouting about this! And we MUST NOT allow ourselves to be shut up! Whatever the consequences….

    And, many bloggers ‘out there’ ARE paying the price: from the lawfare our Canadian bloggers are being put through, to the bloggers in more oppressed parts of the world who are risking death to get their words out!

    Sure, I live here – I KNOW ‘my consequences’ are not going to cost me my life! But that is precisely why I MUST say the words, must continue to rant…as, it would appear, I am rather ranting now.


    This is a ‘biggie’ for me.

    So, speak out I WILL – and, if I bring the message home to just one person who did not ‘get’ it before, I have already achieved more than if I had stayed silent… So, I will keep on hoping – and ranting! It’s the least I can do.

  2. letterstoadyingdream Says:

    The Nazi’s had the two biggest tools against freedom laws against free speech and laws against the private ownership of firearms. Without those two things there is no way to defend yourself against tyranny.

    Not to sound like a cynic but “Never Again” was a lie when it was first uttered. All over the world these kinds of things keep happening, and sadly the world usually looks the other way as long as it can. I’d like the world to say “Never Again” and for once mean it.

    Xanthippa says:


  3. The LS from SK Says:

    I will just quote Mark Steyn on it fir he says it much better than I ever could.

    BTW Day is quite wrong as France and even the UK have laws against in and enforce them as of course, does Germany.

    “Tuesday, April 21, 2009

    Holocaust Denial Law Denial [Mark Steyn]

    Vox Day, whom I gather was favorably disposed to Jonah’s book, has a post up on “the Israel Lobby” which gives the impression that I support the criminalization of Holocaust denial:

    “As I wrote to Mark Steyn earlier today, with the exception of Germany, Europeans are completely Holocausted-out. Crying Holocaust or anointing a Hitler of the week just isn’t taken seriously by anyone anymore. In fact, the laws against Holocaust denial have only led people to call the Holocaust into question. After all, there’s no need for a law against denying World War II, because everyone knows it happened”.

    Mr. Day is referring to my observations on the meeting of the Swiss and Iranian presidents. His e-mail to me this morning said:

    “Please know that the constant references to the Holocaust by pro-Israeli writers is one reason why no one in Europe outside of Germany pays any attention to it anymore. Holocaust references are now seen as little more than emotional propaganda, as the event has been trivialized by over-reference to it.”:

    Just for the record, I have opposed laws against Holocaust denial my entire adult life. I even have a book out there explaining why. Up north I’ve spent the last year-and-a-half attacking the ludicrous position of the buffoon who runs the Canadian Jewish Congress and his friends in B’nai Brith Canada and similar organizations that restrictions on free speech are necessary because, if you let some loser in his parents’ basement in Saskatoon post an anti-Semitic remark on the Internet, next thing you know the prairies will be in the express lane to Auschwitz.

    This is not only profoundly trivializing of the Holocaust and insulting to its victims, as well as historically ignorant of the Weimar Republic’s prosecution of anti-Semitic speech (and a fat lot of good that did). But it also renders a principled argument by Canada and Europe against Islamic speech-policing all but impossible. The Muslims say: Well, look, you guys have accepted the notion of group defamation (to which Common Law has traditionally been antipathetic) re Jews. So why shouldn’t we get a slice of that action, too?

    So I deny I’m a denier of Holocaust deniers’ right to deny. That said, my post yesterday was not about the Holocaust. I’m not the one who keeps bringing it up; Mahmoud Ahmadinejad does — and in the lively context of not merely denying the last one but of threatening a sequel. I’m not saying it should be “illegal” for him to mouth off, but I am saying that, when the chief of state of a regime fast-tracking its nuclear program engages in explicitly elminationist rhetoric we shouldn’t treat him as just another member of the geopolitical cocktail circuit like the prime minister of New Zealand.

    Oh, and Mr. Day is very much mistaken if he thinks the Germans are still hung up on Holocaust guilt.”

  4. CodeSlinger Says:


    Just compare the social, political, economic, and legal climate in North America today with Germany of the late 1920’s / early 1930’s, and you will have no doubt about where the next “holocaust” is planned…

    Xanthippa says:

    Which is my point…

    BTW – do you ever wonder why nobody talks about what happened to the Gypsies during the Holocaust?

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