He who controls information, controls ‘thought’

Thunderf00t is one of the most vocal free-speech advocates on YouTube.

He is outspoken on subjects he is passionate about – so he has ‘annoyed’ many other people.  Yet, while mocking them, he still supports their right to spew their abuse at him…

We are all concerned about protecting our free speech – at least, we ought to be.  We are all concerned about how governments seem to be legislating away freedom of speech in the name of the right of the collective not to hear the truth.

But, better minds than mine have warned that the greatest danger to freedom of speech in our future lies not just in government oppression, but in the limits put on us by corporations.

And, I have ranted on this long and often…especially about fascism:  fascism can be right or left wing – or an amalgam of the two.  But, by the very classical definition of the term, when you have collusion between government and big business, the result of which is the erosion of freedoms of the populace, you have ‘fascism’!

Without more ado, here is Thunderf00t’s warning: