A new voice for Freedom of Speech

Before I started my blog, I joined a debating site (ConvinceMe) to improve my skills in presenting my point of view.

OK – so I never learned how not to be long-winded…but, I did meet some interesting people there, of all backgrounds, viewpoints and ages. One of them was a kind teen who went by the name of LoneWolf.  As the years went by, I have watched LoneWolf grow from a promising, idealistic teenager into a fine, responsible man.

People like LoneWolf give me hope for our future! Recently, LoneWolf has been in touch with me through another channel.  With his permission, here is a message he sent me (I inserted the links for clarity):

About the free speech arguements, great!! I have been leading a small, yet pretty effective underground within my community. Basically, anybody who feels the way America is forming is BAD for America has joined. Once I get proper funding, I’m hoping to make it into an interest group which can effectively lobby at congress and get RID of the corruption which plagues my fine country.

One of the things thats been on my mind as of late is the controversy of Obama bringing the fairness doctrine back into effect.( I don’t know if ever was in effect?) Anyway, me and a few friends got together in front of our city hall building and gave a few speeches, about the freedom of speecha nd what our founding father’s reallt intended for this country.

It amazes me that people feel that the best way to be safe is give more power to the government. Agh! I’m called a Christian Neo-Conservative because of both my religious beliefs and my political beliefs, but I’m really not. I’m actually a 18 year old male who really wants life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Call me a freedom fighter but without the violence some bring with the title. America’s first amendment does give us the right to assemble but peacefully.

Which reminds me! Did you hear about the college in Pittsburg that had a protest in which they vandalized shops to get the point across that our government was being unfair and should put caps on how much a person can make?! I was amazed at this. Sadly, I feel America is falling more and more down socialist avenue, and our new Captain, Barrack Obama, is the most ideal candidate to bring that sort of change to the fray.

When it comes to my studies, I’m at a crossroads with what to do. My biggets calling is the seminary. I love to preach and try to make the Word clear and understandable. However, I love law. I love understanding and practicing law. I would love to be a lawyer or even a judge. Then the final branch of the crossroads is I love politics. I really believe the current state of our government is full of old familiar corrupt faces that really need to get out of office. (I do in fact believe in term limits of senators and representatives). However I believe its time to put Sara Palin’s words last election campaign into action when it’s time to clear out the government corruption that has been stagnating within the government.

Anyway, I rant too much when I’m in the mood of a political discusion, but I really must be doing work so I’ll talk to you later.

Take care Xanni!

Lonewolf, or Will…(this really isn’t convinceme lol)

OK – I cannot help myself but to feel proud…even though I know the accomplishment is not mine, but LoneWolf’s.  Reflected glory, and all that…

Now that I found out that LoneWolf – I mean, Will – has started a blog of his own, I am glad to share it with you.  The opinions in it are honest, heart-felt, and well thought out – and not even a little bit cynical.

A breath of fresh air!

Without further ado, I give you ‘People For A Free America’!

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