The ‘Warman vs. FD/internet privacy’ appeal hearing: the facts

Thursday, 8th of April, 2010,  the Superior Court of Ontario held an appeal hearing of the ‘Richard Warman vs. Connie Fournier, Mark Fournier and John Does’, often also referred to as the ‘Richard Warman vs. Free Dominion’ case and the ‘Richard Warman vs. internet privacy’ case.

But, let me start at the beginning.  Let me stress that I have absolutely no legal training, so these are my personal observations and should in no way be considered to be anything other than those of a regular person trying to make sense of this case and its implications on our daily lives.

First, the facts:

The case was appealed.  The Canadian Civil Liberties Association and the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic requested and were granted intervenor status.

So much for the ‘dry facts’!

More of what I have said about this hearing is listed on this page.

3 Responses to “The ‘Warman vs. FD/internet privacy’ appeal hearing: the facts”

  1. Steynian 408nd « Free Canuckistan! Says:

    […] University’ case; The ‘Norwich precedent’; What the ‘Warman vs. FD/internet privacy’ case is all about …. […]

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  3. The ‘Richard Warman v FD/internet privacy’ appeal « Xanthippa's Chamberpot Says:

    […] Next, an overview of the raw facts of this case is here. […]

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