The ‘Richard Warman v FD/internet privacy’ appeal

The ‘Richard Warman vs. FD/internet privacy’ appeal

Update:  the Fourniers won the appeal! Warman is now seeking the ‘prima facie’ ruling…

While we walk through the landscape, we know we were climbing a hill, or crossing a meadow – but we so much a part of the landscape that we are often be unable to tell just how high the hill is, or how close to the summit we are.  Yet, standing atop that hill, looking back at the land one has crossed, the features of the landscape are clear and easy to discern.

So it is with our journey through time…

When ‘history happens’ around us, we are usually so immersed in its details that the minutiae obscure the ‘summits’ which, when future generations look back into our era, will be considered the ‘defining events’.  It is my never-humble-opinion that the legal precedent which will be set in this case will, if not a ‘mountain’, be a ‘hill’ in the landscape of our time.

That is why, on the 8th of April, 2010, I went to see history made, with my own eyes.  It is taking me many posts to describe my observations (and some background material) of this event.  This page will serve as an index:  I will keep adding links to my posts on this topic as I create them.

First – Connie Fournier’s observations of the event were first posted on FreeDominion, then, with her permission, re-posted by me in two parts, here and here.

It is undeniable that I felt the tension of the importance of this event, and attempted to relieve some of it by presenting a tongue-in-cheek description of first, my quest to find the correct courtroom, then of waiting for the hearing to begin.

But the time for humour (if you are generous enough to call it that) was over when the proceedings began.

First, introductions of the people there that day are here.

Next, an overview of the raw facts of this case is here.

A ‘softer’ overview (commentary) of what this case is about is here.

For those of us not schooled in the law,(coming) is an overview of the legal terms which (in my layman’s opinion) define the case as well as some of the cases cited as legal precedents:

Also coming will be the my observations of the presentations. …this page will be updated as this happens.  I apologize for taking so long getting the info up – I am a slow writer…  More ‘stuff’ coming soon!

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