Government-free internet

For years, on and off, I have brrm ranting about the need to create an internet-type thing which would be outside the grasp and control of the powers that be – be they governments or large corporate interests (though, the lines between them have been so blurred lately, it is impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins).

And, no, I am not a complete conspiracy nut.

I have just ben paying attention – with all the ‘bailouts’, so many governments now have a physical stake in various corporations, it would be foolish to deny that the separation between our law-makers and the largest corporate ‘players’ has been eroding quite a lot.  To put it mildly…

That is never a good thing!

It is an especially bad thing when it comes to communications:  that is why I keep going on about the importance of free speech.  And, I also keep going on about the dual dangers to free speech:  government censorship AND corporate censorship.

Because BOTH of these are extremely dangerous to freedom of speech – and to the ability of regular, non-privileged citizens like you and I, to communicate with each other, to exchange information, to compare thoughts….

Without the ability to find out what is truly happening in the world around us – and without being able to discuss it amongst ourselves – we will be divided and powerless.


Easy to control…

This is well understood by those who would like to be rulers, everywhere.

That is why governments try to control media.

In the West, where people believe they have freedom of speech and where we would protest direct censorship of the media, more devious tools, like ‘political corectness’, are used to filter, distort and, yes, censor information that reaches the populace.  It is ‘censorsip by sneak’. so to speak.

It is also understood by the corporatists: hence the repression of all the freedoms we hold near and dear in, say, large areas around the spot where The Olympic Games are held, and so on.  (I have long held that the fascism inherrent in corporatism – the collusion between government-corporations-labour unions necessary to make this system function – is an incarnation of evil much worse than most others, because it pretends that it looks after ‘everyone’ and, if some person does not like it, there must be something wrong with them.  It thus oppresses both the body and the soul…)

But, I am rambling…..

Time has come for us, the ‘unwashed masses’, us, the rabble, to start taking things into our own hands.

Taking to the streets with pitchforks – except, I suspect we will be uch more effective if we can figure out an electronic equivalent to a pitchfork and take to the electronic equivalents of the streets and village squares.

First, of course, we have to build these electronic equivalents.

There are some who have started.

Please, read the following two links – they say it better than I could and are well documented and chock full of links with good info.

Both of these have come about because of what has happened in Egypt – and what could easily happen here.  (And, do not kid yourself – the groundwork has been laid for it….)

H/T: Tyr


‘Free Speech on Trial in Europe’

This is a must-read article from Hudson New York by Soeren Kern.

It is impossible to paste a just little excerpt here that would be representative of the whole article, because the article itself is a long, sad and, frankly, frightening list of all the anti-free-speech trials that have been taking place in Europe lately.  I recommend just popping over and reading the list – no fluff there, just the facts.

‘Freedom of Religion’ is a wonderful thing – but, to be perfectly honest, I do not see how everything one needs FOR practicing one’s religion freely and unhindered – but without infringing on the rights of others – is not already covered by some of the other ‘core freedoms’:

  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Thought
  • Freedom of Association
  • Equality before the law

It seems to me that there is nothing contained within ‘freedom of religion’ which is not already an integral part of the other ones – so, it is, in a way, a redundancy to list ‘religion’ among the core freedoms as a separate item.

Not that we should not have ‘freedom of religion – rather, that it is already implied in the others and re-stating it can not in any way be beneficial.  Rather, whenever things are redundantly re-stated, people will tend to read into them things which were never intended.

As in, it leads to abuse.

As it has, with claims of ‘religious discrimination’ by people who are merely offended by the very existence of any criticism of their religion.

Not being able to criticize something – whatever that something may be – is dangerous.

Deadly, in fact.

Because it infringes on the CORE freedoms – especially the ones I listed above:  freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of association and equality before the law.

Let’s just look at that last one:  equality before the law.

Because it is unlikely that all people will, all of a sudden, share the same beliefs and opinions.

If everyone is equal before the law, then they are all permitted to believe what they wish and speak it freely, whatever the other people may think of it.

However, if we interpret ‘freedom of religion’ to mean that saying things that are critical or disparaging of that religion – not the practitioners, mind you, but the religion itself – then we have created ‘blasphemy laws’ which put one set of beliefs above another’s criticism.

And that is NOT equality under law.

I know, I am repeating some very, very basic things. But, lately, it seems to me like more and more of us are forgetting the basics…

Like, what  ‘equality before the law’ actually means.

Unless we remember, it will be our undoing.

Dalton McGuinty: yet another ‘Green Scandal’?

This morning, CFRA – a radio station in Ottawa (accessible through the web) – had a most informative program.

The credit goes to the veteran journalist Lowell Green and Rob Snow, who have done some serious investigative journalism – as have some regular listeners to the show.

What is the latest scandal about?

Well, it’s hard to tell….

The McGuinty Liberals have locked Ontario into a 20 year, multi-billion-dollar contract with two Koran companies to do something with ‘Green Energy’.  Something about wind-mills, and perhaps solar panels.

But, exactly what, we really don’t know.

Not for lack of trying – I would very much like to know.

It’s just that, the information is not so easy to come by…

The contract was, to the best of my understanding, reached through ‘a consensus’ – so it wasn’t necessary for anyone to air any of the details about it in public.

Like, say, what exactly does the contract obligate us to, what is (or, more importantly, what isn’t) included the cited cost, and so on.

But, let’s listen to ‘Mr. Transparent’s’ own words (as a CFRA listener asked him a question about this last week – and posted the video of the answer on YouTube):

That contract mentioned in the beginning of the video – the one McGuinty refuses to answer the question about, that was the subject of today’s CFRA call-in show.

As in, Lowell Green and Rob Snow requested the document under the Freedom of Information Act – and, today, they received it!

Well, that might be a strong term….

You see, Mr. McGuinty and his regime seem to think that ‘transparent’ means ‘redacted so much, the holes (where ‘confidential’ bits have been cut out) in the documents ought to be much larger than the bits left over with any sort of lettering on them…

To the point where just about the only bits we are permitted to see are the definitions of the terms to be used in the contract – and not the bits that actually use the terms in sentences (like, say, the actual body of the contract).

The heavily redacted document is here:  Read it and weep!

Oh, and by the way….

The radio program pointed out that al the public discussion (the little bit of the known facts there was) has discussed this as a deal between Ontario and Samsung.  There was no mention of the second Korean company in the contract, Korea Electric Power Corporation.

Why would anyone want to keep that second company’s name so very quiet?

The answer is unknown.

It is curious, however, that for the days just around the time the contract was announced, there is a curious movement in the stock price of Korea Electric Power Corporation.

I am not educated in financial matters, but, to my layman’s eyes, it looks like somebody who knew the contract was going to be announced could, potentially, have made a killing on the stock!

Of course, I have no idea if any ‘insider trading’ did indeed occur – and if it did, by whom.

I’m just saying this ‘Green Energy’ deal stinks more than a particularly vile heap of compost….

P.S.  I’ll pop more links into the post if I dig them out…

AndromedasWake: ‘Messages for Muslims’

Iranium and Clare Lopez: new date!

UPDATE:  rumour has it that James Moore, Canada’s Heritage Minister, may attend the re-sheduled event!

After Iranium, the movie about Iran’s nuclear ambitions, was cancelled – along with the lecture by Clare Lopez (which, some critics say, was the real target of the actions/protests that led to the event’s original cancellation) have both been rescheduled.

Time: 7 p.m.

Date: 6th of February, 2011

Place:  National Archives of Canada Library, Ottawa

More details – along with publishing the letter by Fred Litwin of the Freethinking Film Society – is at

If I can, I will be there – no promises,  except that I will try:  I am curious to hear what Clare Lopez has to say…..and my hubby wants to buy the DVD so he can watch it in the comfort of our home.

Either way, it promises to be informative!

Thunderfoot: ‘The problem with Religion’

Who is Clare Lopez!

She had been ‘Ann Coultered’ in Ottawa last night…

…so, who is she?

She is obviously someone who scares the pants (and/or hijabs) off Islaminsts!

She is one knowledgable lady who is not afraid to speak the truth.

Let’s get her speaking to us.

All of us.

Let’s get her talking to our high-school students!

After all, it is our children whose future is in danger – they ought to hear the facts from a knowledgable and eloquent source, like Claire Lopez!

Iranians censor a film-showing in Canada

The Freethinking Film Society – a very, very good organization which shows movies and films we all ought to be aware of – was planning to show a movie tonight.

A simple movie.

At the National Archives of Canada – a place where obscure but wothwhile movies have been shown for, as far as my memory holds, for almost half a century.

Until tonight!!!

The Freethinking Film Society was planning to show a movie about Iran.

Until an hour ago, it was still ‘ON’!!!

Now, without warning, it appears to be ‘Off’!!!


By some mysterious effect the Iranian government has over what we, free-thinking Canadians, are permitted to see!!!

What the HELL is going ON???


Blazing Catfur has the scoop!

Vlad Tepes has details and photos!

(I’ll insert links and add updates as I learn more!)

Fred Litvin of the Free Thinking Film Society will be interviewed this morning, to tell us exactly what happened, between 9 and 10 am this (Wednesday) morning on CFRA – listen on the web!

Caller to CFRA asks:  is there an Iranian agent running the National Archives of Canada?

This is the question just raised by a caller to CFRA, while talking about the cancellation of “Iranium”.

According to the caller, whenever the Iranian embassy has a big do, it is at the National Archives.  Like, movies, their new year’s celebration last March, etc.

And, this is the SECOND time Archives found a pretext to cancel the showing of a movie the Iranian government did not like…..

Another caller is guessing that the target of the cancellation was Claire Lopez – that she was, so to speak, ‘Ann-Coultered’!

You can call the National Archives people to tell them what you think:



Thinking about funerals…

Last week, my uncle passed away.

OK – uncle-in-law.

But, my hubby was pretty close to him.

And this has stirred up our otherwise uneventful lives.

On so many fronts!

Yes, there is that whole ‘examining one’s life’ thing.  The natural result with a brush with mortality – something an unexpected death usually leads to.

Then there is the deluge of relatives, coming in to town to celebrate the uncle’s life.  This, in itself, is fascinating:  relatives one had never met before, kids, attitudes, support – it is confusing, at best, for an Aspie like me (and, of course, my Aspie kids).  Some of these relatives are fascinating, some are perplexing, others are just incomprehensible:  yet all of them are part of our extended family and I owe it to my ‘little ones’ (both are taller than I am, so I can now refer to them as ‘my little ones’) to get to know them, at least a little bit.

All kinds of ‘family stories’ come out, are re-told and (I hope) embellished.

And then there is the funeral ceremony itself.

Aspies – like us – tend to have difficulties handeling the outward display of strong emotions.  It has something to do with that whole hypothesis of mine that Aspergers is a condition marked by a disfunction in ‘progressive filters’.  To make a long story short, imagine that both your perceptions and your emotions are ‘controlled’ by a number of ‘filters’:  if one is exposed to a smell, one stops perceiving it after a while, or if one is experiencing touch (like, say, the rubbing of clothes or one’s own hair), one begins to be only aware of the stimulus if there is a change.

This is not true for Aspies:  it’s like the number of ‘filters’ is greatly reduced….

Which is why the rubbing of a clothes tag – or, in my case, the rubbing of my own hair – is not ‘diminished’ and causes physical symptoms, like exzema or rash.  This goes for sounds, smells, and so on.  And – perhaps especially – for emotions.

Which is why so many Aspies have a difficult time with situations which are emotionally ‘highly charged’.

Like, say, funerals…

Which is why we often attempt to reduce the pressure we feel by making highly inappropriate jokes.

This has no relation to the deceased – or our feelings towards him/her.

Rather, it is a coping mechanism which prevents us from spiralling uncontrolably into the abyss…

So, please, take the following in that ‘sense’.

Coming home from the actual funeral ceremony, remembering the ‘musical’ selections that were used in the ceremony itself, we have come up with a list of our own of the ‘music’ we would like used in some potential (hopefully far in the future) funeral of our own:

This one, we all agreed, would be most awesome (especially if we chose to be cremated):

Followed by:

This, of course, would be stricly to assure our loved ones who survive us that we are ‘not truly gone’ but will be with them for EVER!

I do hope this would be of comfort to those I, eventually, do leave ‘behind’!!!




Is ‘the tide’ in Britain turning?

Finally, a bit of encouraging news from England.

In an unrelated observation, something has me uneasy – to the point of being worried…  The growing tide of ‘Slavic awareness’ has an ugly underbelly.


For centuries, the Slavs were hunted by the ‘Mediterraneans’ – especially the Venetians – and sold into slavery in Africa and the Middle East.  The very word ‘slave’ comes from the name of the race, Slav.  (And, yes – WAY more Slavs were sold into slavery into ‘Muslim Africa/Middle East’ than Africans were ever sold into slavery in Europe and the Americas combined:  this is a matter of historical records!)

Needless to say, there has, for centuries, been a bit of a chip on the Slavic shoulder abut the whole oppression thing…and the continuing lack of acknowledgment of the Slavic role in history.

Add to this the lack of ‘multi-culturalism’ brainwashing  in what used to be termed ‘Eastern Europe’/’Warsaw Pact countries’ – and the accompanying lack of self-shame in Slavs maintaining their cultural awareness….

Add to this the increasing pressures of the declining economic situation in the EU – and, most Slavic nations are members of the EU.  When economies decline, unrest increases.  If such an unrest has a nationalistic/racial ‘awareness’, there is a serious danger this bit will define it…

Add to this the increasing Islamist arrogance:  both attacks on ‘native European women’ who don’t submit to the standards of Sharia and thus ‘invite’ rapes (rape jihad), the expections of financial support of Muslim communities by some Muslims, simply because they are Muslim, and increasing demands for accommodations of Islamist -motivated behaviours/customs….

Well, let’s just say I don’t like the ’emerging picture’ – not the way I see it evolving.

Not at all…