Iranians censor a film-showing in Canada

The Freethinking Film Society – a very, very good organization which shows movies and films we all ought to be aware of – was planning to show a movie tonight.

A simple movie.

At the National Archives of Canada – a place where obscure but wothwhile movies have been shown for, as far as my memory holds, for almost half a century.

Until tonight!!!

The Freethinking Film Society was planning to show a movie about Iran.

Until an hour ago, it was still ‘ON’!!!

Now, without warning, it appears to be ‘Off’!!!


By some mysterious effect the Iranian government has over what we, free-thinking Canadians, are permitted to see!!!

What the HELL is going ON???


Blazing Catfur has the scoop!

Vlad Tepes has details and photos!

(I’ll insert links and add updates as I learn more!)

Fred Litvin of the Free Thinking Film Society will be interviewed this morning, to tell us exactly what happened, between 9 and 10 am this (Wednesday) morning on CFRA – listen on the web!

Caller to CFRA asks:  is there an Iranian agent running the National Archives of Canada?

This is the question just raised by a caller to CFRA, while talking about the cancellation of “Iranium”.

According to the caller, whenever the Iranian embassy has a big do, it is at the National Archives.  Like, movies, their new year’s celebration last March, etc.

And, this is the SECOND time Archives found a pretext to cancel the showing of a movie the Iranian government did not like…..

Another caller is guessing that the target of the cancellation was Claire Lopez – that she was, so to speak, ‘Ann-Coultered’!

You can call the National Archives people to tell them what you think:



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