Raymond Stock: The Arab Spring & Egypt’s Nuclear Weapons Program


Egyptian MP Hamdi Fakhrani: I Was Beaten Up by President Morsi’s Supporters

A duly elected member of the new Egyptian government appeals the President’s decision to the courts for a fair ruling:  for this, he is attacked by a mob of Islamist Muslim Brotherhood thugs who tear his clothes and, had the police not intervened, would have torn him to pieces.

This does not bode well for the future lives of regular Egyptians…

Rifat Said has some dire words about an Islamist President in Egypt

Clearly, his words were spoken before the Muslim Brotherhood candidate was declared the winner of the Egyptian presidential elections.  But, he speaks of Egypt, from Egypt and I think his words will come back to haunt us all – most of all, the Egyptians themselves!

Tarek Fatah on Egypt’s Mo Bro islamofascists


Egyptian Philosopher Murad Wahba: Muslim Brotherhood Ideologically Required to Start Wars

It is difficult for us to see what is happening inside Egypt, which is why it is good to listen to the Egyptian thinkers themselves:


What is happening in Egypt?

It seems that Egypt has gone to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is acting as the political wing of the military.

For some Egyptians, even the Saudis are too ‘Westernized’ and much too pro-Israel.

To clarify:  Islam teaches that religious leaders always outrank any monarch:  that is why the crowd mocks the Saudi royal house.

End well, this will not…

Egyptian Christians’ defenses are being destroyed