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Ben Carson raises alarm about CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood

TSEC’s report on the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada

Lifted shamelessly from BlazingCatFur:

This report is making national news today and deservedly so.

CAIR-Can, now re-branded as the NCCM, and named as a Muslim Brotherhood front,  is on the warpath about this article –Terrorists in our midst, penned by the report’s authors – Anti-Muslim diatribe promotes false suspicion – so you know they’re doin it right;)

See also Legal Insurrection for more report coverage – Muslim Brotherhood in North America

The report was written by Tom Quiggin, a member of the Terrorism and Security Experts of Canada Network (TSEC). Concurrent research at the TSEC network includes a methodology project for intelligence analysts involved in the analysis of extremism. A Horizon Scanning project on the convergence of extremist ideologies is being readied for distribution in late 2014.

This project was funded internally by the TSEC network. There is no government, corporate, media or foreign money involved. The report may be accessed directly at the TSEC site.


  • Canada has a significant presence of Muslim Brotherhood adherent individuals and organizations. Their values and actions are frequently the antithesis of the Canadian Constitution, values and law. Despite statements to the contrary, the Muslim Brotherhood considers itself above local laws and national constitutions.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood’s use of settlement and the “process of civilization jihad” has proven effective. The long term aim is to globally impose a virulent form of political Islam to the exclusion of other faiths or systems.
  • Internationally, the Muslim Brotherhood is realigning under pressure as old alliances crumble and opportunities arise. An aggressive posture is re-emerging which has used extensive political violence in the past.
  • The policy and process of denial is deeply rooted in the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Muslim Brotherhood adherent groups should not be given governmental accreditation, access to public grants nor should they have charity status.
  • Canada’s stance against Muslim Brotherhood adherent organizations in recent years has been more aggressive than the USA, especially in financial areas.

NB – The report is in 11 sections.

1) The Muslim Brotherhood in North America (Canada/USA) 

2) The Muslim Brotherhood in North America (Back to the Past, The Palestinian Cause)

3) The Muslim Brotherhood in North America: (Violence, Current Events, Law, Extremism)

4) The Muslim Brotherhood in North America – (Prejudice and the Muslim Community)

5) The Muslim Brotherhood in North America (Front Organizations, Policy of Denial)

6) The Muslim Brotherhood in North America (Canadians with Leadership Roles)

7) The Muslim Brotherhood in North America (Three exampes, Charity Status Revoked for several entities)

8) The Muslim Brotherhood in North America (Other Countries, USA Role, Intel, Recommendations, Conclusions)

9) The Muslim Brotherhood in North America (Glossary, Bibliography)

10) The Muslim Brotherhood in North America (Annex A 1991 Memorandum and Annex B The Ikhwan in America)

11. The Muslim Brotherhood in North America (Annex C to Annex K)

Tamarrud Movement in Gaza Calls to Oust Hamas on November 11

While I am not familiar with the Tamarrud movement in Gaza, and thus I cannot comment at length on their goals/actions, I think it is newsworthy that they have made this call and that they are willing to fight against the Muslim Brotherhood incarnation in Gaza, the terrorist organization Hamas.

Let’s keep our eyes on this one!

A few hours of lectures by Stephen Coughlin on our ineptitude on ‘the war on terror’

Yes, this lecture series is a little long – but very, very informative.

If you have read the Koran and the Hadith, and if you are familiar with Shariah, you  will be impressed by the depth of Stephen Coughlin’s background knowledge – but there is still a lot of new material there for you because he draws the connections between the beliefs rooted (rightly or wrongly, but demonstrably held by the majority of pro-Sharia Muslims worldwide) in these and the decision-making and behaviour of Islamic political entities.

For example, he is one of the few people to have predicted the ‘Arab Spring’ months before it happened and accurately described it as a Muslim Brotherhood-driven action.  He also accurately predicted other events many had considered ‘unpredictible’ – and in this lecture series, he walks us through the steps that made the events predictable.

If you are unfamiliar with the underlying doctrine, Stephen Coughlin provides an accurate grounding in their belief system and demonstrates its doctrinal roots.  He also explains the very  different concepts meant by Islamic political bodies when they use terms we consider familiar:  words like ‘human rights’ (Sharia), ‘terrorism’ (killing of a Muslim without Sharia approval), and ‘freedom’ (freedom from ‘the laws of man’ in favour of the laws from Allah alone), ‘religion’ (Islam and Islam alone as Muhammad’s revelations abrogated all other religions) and more.

What is quite appalling, however, is his description of the depth of willful ignorance of all this by the politically correct decisionmakers who are directing the ‘war on terror’…  His frustration is plainly visible and his Cassandra complex and the accompanying frustration are, at times, palpable.

Yet, it is precisely this willful ignorance among our decisionmakers and intellectual elites poses a clear and present danger to protecting our culture, our society and our very basic human rights.

Stephen Coughlin, Part 1: Lectures on National Security & Counterterror Analysis (Introduction)

Stephen Coughlin, Part 2: Understanding the War on Terror Through Islamic Law

Stephen Coughlin, Part 3: Abrogation & the ‘Milestones’ Process

Stephen Coughlin, Part 4: Muslim Brotherhood, Arab Spring & the ‘Milestones’ Process

Stephen Coughlin, Part 5: The Role of the OIC in Enforcing Islamic Law

Egyptian MP Hamdi Fakhrani: I Was Beaten Up by President Morsi’s Supporters

A duly elected member of the new Egyptian government appeals the President’s decision to the courts for a fair ruling:  for this, he is attacked by a mob of Islamist Muslim Brotherhood thugs who tear his clothes and, had the police not intervened, would have torn him to pieces.

This does not bode well for the future lives of regular Egyptians…

Egyptian Philosopher Murad Wahba: Muslim Brotherhood Ideologically Required to Start Wars

It is difficult for us to see what is happening inside Egypt, which is why it is good to listen to the Egyptian thinkers themselves:


What is happening in Egypt?

It seems that Egypt has gone to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is acting as the political wing of the military.

For some Egyptians, even the Saudis are too ‘Westernized’ and much too pro-Israel.

To clarify:  Islam teaches that religious leaders always outrank any monarch:  that is why the crowd mocks the Saudi royal house.

End well, this will not…