Living under terror is no life for children

A large number of the civilian casualties in Gaza did not die as a result of the Israeli response to the unprovoked acts of war by Hamas (both rocket fire and territorial invasion via underground tunnels):   they have died of the Hamas rockets themselves.

Do not be fooled into thinking these  rockets to be ‘mere firecrackers’:  without the Israeli defensive Iron Dome and the many bomb-shelters in Israel, the Israeli civilian casualties would be much, much higher.

This is no mere conjecture but a statement of fact.

How do I know this?

From the extensive deaths caused by these rockets when they accidentally land inside Gaza itself!

Certainly, non-Israeli reports of this are scarce because even though they don’t admit this, the reporters in Gaza are reporting under duress and thus act (willingly or not) as accomplices of Hamas:  repeating in their reports only the numbers and things that Hamas wants reported, showing only the images that Hamas wants shown.  Hardly ‘journalism’…

And if that is not enough, here is an excerpt from Wikipedia (hardly a Zionist source):

“The weapons, often generically referred to as Qassams, were initially crude and short-range, mainly affecting Sderot and other communities bordering the Gaza Strip. However, in 2006 more sophisticated rockets began to be deployed, reaching the larger coastal city of Ashkelon, and by early 2009 major cities Ashdod andBeersheba had been hit by Katyusha, WS-1B[8] and Grad rockets.[9] In 2012, Jerusalem and Israel’s commercial center Tel Aviv were targeted with locally made “M-75” and Iranian Fajr-5 rockets, respectively,[10] and in July 2014, the northern city of Haifa was targeted for the first time.[11] A few projectiles have contained white phosphorus.[12][13][14][15][16][17][18]

Hardly ‘firecrackers’!

Estimates of PTSD among Israeli children living under constant threat of being targetted by these Qassam rockets is estimated at over 50% – yet these long-lasting scars are not included in the injuries incurred by Israeli civilians…

Of course, I pity the Gazan children no less – they suffer greatly and in more ways than the Israeli children…and will continue to suffer as long as Hamas is in power in Gaza and perhaps longer:  until religious hatred of ‘the other’ stops destroying their young lives before they have a chance to get started!!!

A week ago today, there was a pro-Israel rally in Ottawa.  I would really have liked to have attended, but, alas, I was out of town and out of internet reach, and thus did not get a word of it until after it happened.  During this rally, an Israeli mother describes the effect living under constant fear of rocket attacks has had on her young family:  *

The world will not be a better place until we learn to set all dogmatic beliefs and irrational faiths aside and begin to live like moral human beings!

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EDIT:  More evidence of Hamas rockets being the source of Gazan child casualties is here.

Pat Condell: Hypocrisy over Gaza

Tamarrud Movement in Gaza Calls to Oust Hamas on November 11

While I am not familiar with the Tamarrud movement in Gaza, and thus I cannot comment at length on their goals/actions, I think it is newsworthy that they have made this call and that they are willing to fight against the Muslim Brotherhood incarnation in Gaza, the terrorist organization Hamas.

Let’s keep our eyes on this one!

‘The Gaza Flotilla Choir’

UPDATE:  YouTube has removed this video due to a copyright complaint – even though under the ‘satire’ clause, this is a fully legitimate use of the material, as has been confirmed by Latma TV’s (the authors) copyright lawyers.

Via Jawa Report, here is  the video from Dailymotion:

Via TRF:

Aside from the Mother Theresa bit, I think this about sums it up for the Gaza Flotilla:  sending in used shoes and expired medicine…. some help these ‘peace activists’ are!

Israel, ‘Gaza flotilla’ and a few questions about the reporting….

Around midnight of May 31st, 2010, there was an ‘unpleasant’ confrontation between a ‘flotilla of boats’, sailing under the Turkish flag, and the Israeli military.  By now, most of us have been inundated with ‘information’ about what had happened, so I’ll delve right into what is bothering me.

This information comes from ‘respectable news sources’ – and, most people accept the words as true.  However, I like doing (both solving and creating) logic puzzles – you know, of the type of the famous ‘Einstein Puzzle‘: if I see two guys, Bob and Rob, and if Bob is wearing a blue shirt, and the two are wearing shirts of the same colour, what colour shirt is Rob wearing?

That type of a puzzle….

So, I could not help notice that some of the things constantly repeated over and over and over within the ‘news stories’ contained internal contradictions.  Not just inconsistencies, but downright contradictions!

Sort of like if they were reporting on the above (simplified) puzzle, and kept saying ‘Rob, the one wearing a red shirt, is taller than Bob…’

How am I supposed to figure out which bits are the facts of what happened and which bits are wrong – when the reporting has such glaring internal inconsistencies?!?!?

That does not, in any way-shape-or-form even get close to considering or commenting on the ‘correctness’ – or, demonstrable ‘incorrectness’, as in ‘contradictions to international laws’ – within the statements and claims in the articles.  There are bits in the reports which directly contradict other bits asserted in the same reports!

Well, most of the times – in the ‘mainstream media’ – so you have to go to the blogosphere to learn the facts….

Let me give you one example.

From Wikipedia, this is a diagram of how ‘territorial waters’, ‘international waters’ and so on are defined under ‘international law’ (I put ‘international law’ in quotes because that itself is also a nebulous matter, to say the least…plus neither Turkey, nor Israel are idiotic enough to have signed UN’s L.O.S.T. – but it is the convention):


This seems relatively clear:  ‘international waters’ begin 200 miles (or more) from the shore.  That is rather unequivocal!


(If there are multiple countries whose claim ‘overlap’ inside this 200 mile limit, the ‘jurisdictional border’ is negotiated – usually giving each side half the amount of the overlap, leaving no ‘international waters’ between them.  This, for example, is the case between Canada and those 2 tiny little French islands…  Other countries may have ‘right of passage’ through these waters – but not unregulated!)

Next step:

The ‘news reports’ all seem to agree that the ‘incident’ happened 70 miles off-shore.  As in, well within the regulated ‘economic zone’, within which all ships may cross, but are obligated to submit to inspections by the ‘enforcing country’, which has the right to regulate these waters.

But, these same reports claim that the incident took place in ‘international waters’!

And – that because the ‘incident’ occurred in ‘international waters’, Israel had no right to board the vessels….and so is, in effect, guilty of piracy!

Apply logic here….

Which is it?  Did it happen in ‘international waters’ or did it happen 70 miles off-shore?

It cannot possibly be both!

Ah – the trouble one runs into when applying logic to ‘news reports from reputable sources’!