Is the Human Rights Tribunal oppressing its own employees?

I sound like a broken record when I start writing about the Human Rights racket in Canada: from tribunals to commissions, from the federal mama-bureaucracy to the provincial daughter-bureaucracies.

As far as I can see, they have completely and uterly failed to achieve the purpose for which they were created – and instead of making the situation better and working towards an equal treatment of all the citizens of our wonderful country, they have worked to striate the society and declare which ‘groups’ were ‘more equal’ than the rest of us. And even though the mainstream media (msm) has begun to wake up to what is going on, most of its members are still too cowardly to actually say so (much less do some serious investigative journalism on the topic).

Perhaps I should not be judging them so harshly: the political indoctrination most acredited journalists got at our ‘places of higher learning’ is hard to break through….and then there is the fear that if they say what they see, they will be out of a job. But, I’m a bit of an idealist who thinks that if one has to lie to keep one’s job, and one does not quit that job but chooses to lie, they are, well, the sort of stuff you scrape off the bottom of your shoe with a stick…

So, I did a double take when I went to the local corner store for some milk (my kids will not drink the ‘supermarket’ milk) and I caught a sight of this headline in the Ottawa Citizen:

Human Rights Tribunal in turmoil: union

Employees describe work environment that has deteriorated ‘to point of toxicity’

Front page, above the fold!

I was impressed!

Coming home, I googled the article and eagerly read on.

More than half of the 25-member staff, including middle and senior level managers, have left, taken sick leave or retired over the past year. At least three have filed formal harassment complaints.

Unions representing workers confirmed they received numerous complaints of abuse of authority, intimidation and personal harassment. They say employees describe a work environment that has deteriorated “to the point of toxicity.”

Well, well, well!
Three out of twenty five – that is a full 12%!!!
There aren’t many work places where fully 12% of the employees have filed FORMAL complaints!!!
So the haughty attitude that we, the citizens, perceive as emanating from this place is not just our imagination:  sounds like the poor slobs who have to work for these arrogant elitists perceive them that way, too!  And, it also sounds like they (the arrogant elitists, not the poor suckers who have to work for them) don’t understand that one should not pee in one’s own swimingpool….or that they are honestly unaware of their own incontinence.
But, let’s get back to the worker-bees.
If they are persecuted in their workplace on one of the ‘protected grounds’, and their workplace also is the Human Rights Tribunal, whom can they get to adjudicate their human rights complaint?

Enquiring minds want to know!
UPDATE: ‘ The Lynch Mob’ re-published this post here.

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