It’s not about left-wing or right-wing: it’s about individualism vs. collectivism

I know I have posted these videos before, but…

…over time, some of the links got broken.

Plus, we cannot be remided often enough that the ‘LEFT-WING’ vs. ‘RIGHT-WING’ labels are woefully inadequate. Even the ‘Libertarian vs. Totalitarian’ distinction is not as useful as some may think….

Personally, the one political label that most closely describes me (if I HAD TO pick one) would be ‘individualist’.


Because the smallest ‘group’ that can potentially exist, the minimum number of members it can have is: ‘one’.

Because if the rights of each and every member of any given group are protected equally, then the rights of the group as a whole cannot possibly be violated.

The converse, however, is not true!

Therefore, in my never-humble-opinion, the default position MUST be to protect the rights of the individuals – this way, nobody is left out in the cold, with their rights stripped away simply because they do not happen to be members of he currently favoured ‘group’….

Without further fuss, here are the videos (sorry about the annoying background music – the alternative ones don’t work so well any more…)


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

After all, as John Robson says:  we ARE the children of the Magna Carta and any constitution imposed upon us muxt be interpreted in that context, as an imperfect re-statement of the Magna Carta – and as subordinate to it:

3 Responses to “It’s not about left-wing or right-wing: it’s about individualism vs. collectivism”

  1. CodeSlinger Says:


    Glad to see you back – and sounding more like me than ever!

    In fact, more and more people are starting to sound like us.

    The realization is dawning on the average man that big government is a problem.

    And big business is a problem. And big labour is a problem. And big religion is a problem.

    The common element that creates the problem is that they are big.

    All of these things can be very good things when they are small and localized. It is when they are big and centralized that their potential for good is decisively outweighed by their penchant for evil.

    But the real problem is the incestuously intertwined nest of snakes that results when these big centralized power blocks collude with each other. Their unnatural union produces a cancerous monster that grows relentlessly and metastasizes in every part of society until it chokes off the vitality of the land and drains the life from the people.

    We see the results in the pathologically controlling, kleptocratic regimes now entrenched in Moscow, Beijing, Brussels, London and Washington.

    And Ottawa.

    Everywhere the left and the right serve up the same deadly mixture of capitalism and communism:

    Privatize the profits, socialize the losses.

    Does political science name this system?

    Of course not. A nameless enemy is much more difficult to fight.

    People become outraged by the excesses of the privatizers, so they vote the bums out and replace them with socializers. But people soon become outraged by the excesses of the socializers, so they vote the bums out and replace them with privatizers.

    And every turn of the wheel makes things worse.

    Because all parts of the system collude to keep the people unaware of the hidden hand that acts behind closed doors to ensure that it is always the profits that get privatized, and always the losses that get socialized.

    But people everywhere are waking up to this game of “heads they win, tails we loose.”

    And people everywhere are seeing the solution: become self-sufficient and starve the beast. In short:

    Don’t play their game.

    Xan says: Yes!!!

  2. JR Says:

    Excellent series of videos, Xanthippa. I hadn’t seen them before. They really do a great job of clarifying political concepts. They should be part of any decent school curriculum. But I fear that all kids get is oriented the other way – like, for example, BC’s recently adopted high school course on “social justice”.

    I’m curious as to how our collectivist adversaries react to such blasphemy.

  3. JR Says:

    Oh, and re your apology for the background music in the videos. No need. It wasn’t nearly as bad as what seemed to be a separate conversation (plus dishes clanking) going on in the room during John Robson’s presentation. That was really distracting.

    Xan says:

    Yes, I agree – that was unpleasant. But, if I understand it correctly, that was recorded during a meeting held at a local diner…so the sound quality was understandably poor. With these videos, the background track was set too loud…plus the ‘music’ was terrible.

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