It’s not about left-wing or right-wing: it’s about individualism vs. collectivism

I know I have posted these videos before, but…

…over time, some of the links got broken.

Plus, we cannot be remided often enough that the ‘LEFT-WING’ vs. ‘RIGHT-WING’ labels are woefully inadequate. Even the ‘Libertarian vs. Totalitarian’ distinction is not as useful as some may think….

Personally, the one political label that most closely describes me (if I HAD TO pick one) would be ‘individualist’.


Because the smallest ‘group’ that can potentially exist, the minimum number of members it can have is: ‘one’.

Because if the rights of each and every member of any given group are protected equally, then the rights of the group as a whole cannot possibly be violated.

The converse, however, is not true!

Therefore, in my never-humble-opinion, the default position MUST be to protect the rights of the individuals – this way, nobody is left out in the cold, with their rights stripped away simply because they do not happen to be members of he currently favoured ‘group’….

Without further fuss, here are the videos (sorry about the annoying background music – the alternative ones don’t work so well any more…)


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

After all, as John Robson says:  we ARE the children of the Magna Carta and any constitution imposed upon us muxt be interpreted in that context, as an imperfect re-statement of the Magna Carta – and as subordinate to it: