Happy Tau Day!

Let’s celebrate by having 2 pies.

I mean, 2 pi!

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When ‘Coyright’ is ‘CopyWrong’!!!


So many people think that ‘copyright’ and ‘patents’ are necessary to protect artists and scientists and must be rigidly enforced in order to protect creativity.

Except that…

The WAY this is being done is so wrong, it actually HINDERS creativity and research and all that.

Do you know that doctors claim that the number one obstacle in, for example, the research to cure cancer, is patents?

No kidding!

This is because patents and copyrights are not being granted for things people invented, but for naturally occurring things that people happen to describe.

In the case of fight against cancer, the most infamous such patent is for the genetic sequence of breat cancer tissue:  the genetic sequence has been patented and nobody – absolutely nobody – is permitted to do any research on it without paying such ridiculously expensive royalties to the patent holder that it makes the whole process incredibly expensive…meaning most researchers cannot even touch it.  And, even if you had breast cancer and wanted to use your own tissue to do the research on – you would still not be poermitted to.

By the terms of that patent, you are not the master over your own flesh!!!

And, yes – it is, in no uncdrtain terms, the thin wedge of ‘technological slave-mastery’!

But that is a complex issue – which I invite you to due the due dilligence on on your own, because what you find is hard to believe if it comes second hand.

Here, however, is a very simple example of inapropriate copyright grant: pi.

Yes, the constant which is used to ‘calculate circles’!

Some guy had copyrighted the first 32 digits of pi, as set to music.  Not his arrangement (and he certainly was not the first to set pi to music), but ALL the arrangements of seting one of the best known constants in human history to music.

Listen and weep!


Pat Condell: ‘Islamic Cultural Terrorism’ & ‘Name the Poison’


Vi Hart: Origami Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem

A little off topic, but really, really fun!

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VisionVictory: ‘Public Unions vs. Unorganized Taxpayers: There Will Be Blood’


Indian picnic – 25th of June, 2011, Andrew Haydon Park, Ottawa

This year’s ‘Indian Picnic’ will be held tomorrow, 25th of June, 2011.

It will take place at the beautiful Andrew Haydon Park in the West end of Ottawa.

I don’t have is year’s menu, but here is a peek at last year’s.

This is the annual fundraiser picnic for  MSMF Foundation – and a delicious way to help others be well enough to help themselves

I have not missed one for abut a decade (or longer), though, I am not certain if I will be in any shape to go  and so am leaving the decision until I see how I feel tomorrow.

If you are in Ottawa and would like to enjoy the best home-cooked Indian food ever, things kick off around 11-ish with the food being served from 12 o’clock on.  It will be awesome!



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…seeing stars…


In the next little while, I will be off for  a bit of a break…

During a little accident (I am rather klutzy) last week, I kind of messed up one shoulder.  The MDs put it together as best they could, but they have to wait for the worst of the swelling to go down a bunch before they can see if the bits of bone will line up as they are now, or if they’ll need to go in.

I myself am fine.  Too ‘fine’, perhaps!  While I wait, I am ‘being kept comfortable’…. and I suspect it is a bad idea to blog while I am this very ‘comfortable’ on medication. (I am having trouble focusing on them little letters, anyway – the seem to be doing the czardas!)

Therefore, I will be off for a break…

Ha ha -get it?  ‘Off for a break!’

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