Monopolies: a form of fascism, make no mistake about it

This video documents a very frightening ‘feature’ that monopolies appear to have ‘built in’:

Increasingly, we have the economy referred to as ‘whales and plankton’ – which, in the absence of ‘in-between-sized companies’, is not a healthy ‘eco-system’.  (Yes, pun intended:  you might as well laugh as cry!)

H/T: Blog of Walker

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It seems to me like Pat Condell is channeling Nigel Farage….

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Landmark Report: Free Speech or Not – Part 1

The first installment in the series by Kaffir Kanuck.

“…Combine those realities with the squeamishly absent Canadian politicians, who both advocate free speech yet have the testicular absenteeism of their convictions to be seen in public with Mr. Wilders, empowered are the extremist left who see a bigot under every honest debate just waiting to be exposed so they can turn them into the nearest Human Rights Commission for hate speech.

Well worth reading!

Draw Muhammad Day 2011

Freedom:  if we don’t use it, we’ll loose it!