Ron Paul: ‘Stop Obama’s Unconstitutional Power Grab!’



2 Responses to “Ron Paul: ‘Stop Obama’s Unconstitutional Power Grab!’”

  1. Derek Says:

    Yes. I used to admire him.

    Now I find it very difficult to admire someone who wants the United States to surrender to Al Qaeda and does not care that terrorists worldwide are seeking weapons to mass destruction to kill innocent people.

  2. CodeSlinger Says:


    “Al Qaeda” does not exist.

    At least, not in the way it is portrayed to the public. Like the Taliban, it is an outgrowth of the Pashtun (Afghani and Pakistani) Mujahideen. The leadership, up to and including Osama bin Laden, have been CIA / MI6 / Mossad assets all along. Not only did the Saudis and the Americans fund them and supply them, Mossad and the CIA trained them in techniques originally developed by the Israelis.

    You have to understand that modern terrorism was invented by the Israelis – specifically Irgun and its splinter groups such as Lehi (the Stern Gang), which later became the nucleus of Mossad.

    Without Israeli know-how, Saudi money, and American materiel, the world would never have heard of Abu Nidal, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, or Osama bin Laden.

    The entire war on terror has been a charade from the very beginning.

    The Americans knew that the September 11 attack was coming.

    And they let it happen, to further their agenda.

    In the months preceding the attack, they were warned by at least six foreign intelligence agencies (Italian, Jordanian, Egyptian, British, French, and Israeli). CIA Director George Tenet delivered a written brief warning George W. Bush about it at his Texas ranch in August, 2001. Bush replied, “All right, you’ve covered your ass now.”

    So the Americans claim that didn’t know it was coming is palpably false. Because, if they didn’t, they were the only ones. Mossad even had a team of five agents on hand to document the event! The infamous “dancing Israelis.”

    Somehow, the fact that these guys were on site, with an expensive video camera set up and focused on the target at exactly the right time to film the jetliners impacting the World Trade Center, did not strike the FBI as evidence of prior knowledge. They were released and sent back to Israel.

    In 2007, Benazir Bhutto claimed that Osama bin Laden was dead, killed by Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh. Less than a month later, she was dead – presumably because her American security guards, contracted from Blackwater, failed to keep her safe.

    And now, we are told that bin Laden was killed at the home of his right hand man, Sheikh Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, in a 2011 raid carried out by US Navy SEALs. We are expected not to wonder why no one thought to look there in all this time. And we are expected not to wonder what really happened to that helicopter.

    We are expected to accept the whole story on faith alone. No evidence whatsoever is provided – no photographs, no video, no coroner’s report. Nothing. Not even a ceremony to pin a medal on these SEALs who rid the so-called free world of its deadliest enemy.

    And if you think there is anything fishy about that, you must be a terrorist.

    So, now that bin Laden’s death has been announced, can we at least stop spying on our own citizens, sexually assaulting them, subjecting them to illegal search and seizure, and otherwise infringing their rights?

    Oh, God, no. We have to be more vigilant than ever! It’s going to be very expensive. And very inconvenient. Citizens will have to make greater sacrifices than ever.

    And if you think there is anything wrong with that, you must be a terrorist.

    The significance of all this becomes much clearer when we consider that George Bush senior and Sheikh Khalid bin Mahfouz, Osama bin Laden’s brother in law, both sat on the board of the Carlyle group, which is still profiting immensely from this phoney war on terror.

    For more about this, see my last comment on Xanthippa’s post about Christianne Amanpour. There you will find out how the Bush and bin Laden families and their friends are reaping obscenely huge profits, not only from the war on terror, but also the war on drugs.

    The real enemy, in both cases, is the freedom and independence of the people. Not just the American people, but all the people of the West. They want to deprive us of what little wealth we have left, to destroy the last vestiges of our independence, and turn us into good little slaves, like the rest of the world.

    It’s all a big scam.

    Designed to usher in a new age of dehumanized techno-serfdom that will make Orwellian repression look like the good old days.

    It’s not the Mujahideen that hate our freedom.

    It’s our own elites.

    Ron Paul is not suggesting that we surrender to anyone.

    He wants to stop the scam.

    And so should we all.

    While we still can.

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