Hacker News: Last chance to let the FDA know you want direct access to your own genome

A bit of a disturbing story, if you ask me:

‘Here’s what I suspect is really going on: The FDA is being pressured by the insurance industry to restrict consumers’ access to their own DNA because of the information asymmetry between the government’s preclusion of insurers ability to consider genetic data when determining eligibility and consumers’ recently available ability to cheaply know if they have a predisposition for a variety of potentially expensive or life-limiting illnesses. That the FDA is likely pandering to this industry under the dishonest guise of consumer health protection makes me more distrustful of it as an independent entity.

Disturing does not scratch the surface…

Boeing builds $2B plant – forbidden to use it

This is just beyond the pale!

To the best of my understanding, this is the order of ‘relevant’ events:

  • Boeing builds planes in its Seattle, WA, plant – in a unionized environment
  • in 2008, there is some labour unrest, during which Boeing publicly speculates about relocating the plant to a ‘right-to-work’ state
  • the Seattle plant is not relocated – to the contrary, it is running at full tilt
  • Boeing needs to make more planes and builds a new plant for $2Billion – locating in in South Carolina….which happens to be ‘right-to-work’ state
  • AFTER the plant is built and ready to hire 1,000 people, Obama’s National Labour Relations Board (NLRB) shuts the whole thing down because they deem it to be an anti-union move – and therefore ILLEGAL

That is right!

The plant is not ‘unsafe’ – for either the workers or the environment…

The labour unions are miffed that it is located in a state where they are not permitted to have a monopoly in the workplace:  so NLRB says that opening the plant would be illegal!!!

And you wonder why employers are not flocking into the US?!?!?

‘National Economic Suicide’ is a correct assessment:

The NLRB simply said that it could block Boeing from using the new plant as Boeing’s decision to locate it in South Carolina was in part based on a desire to avoid work stoppages and strikes, and this rationale was harmful to unions and thus an illegal act.

In related news:  at this point in time, there is not enough stuff – publicly AND privately owned – in the USA to pay off the US debt; perhaps it is now Mathematically impossible to pay the debt off!

Fake ‘dead Osama’ photo

Well, well, well…

It looks like the widely circulated ‘photo’ of the ‘dead Osama bin Laden’ is a fake.

Let the conspiracy theories begin!

(Wait – too late for that.)

Update:  not really an update of the story – just came across an interesting link I thought I’d throw in.  I just love conspiracy theories!

Obama: Osama bin Laden is dead!!!

Obama announces that Osama bin Laden is dead – and that the Americans have done the killing and have ‘custody’ of his body!!!

AP version of the announcement is here.

H/T:  DU

UPDATE:  Americans are celebrating/digesting the news that the Islamist leader, Osama bin Laden, is dead!

BCF has Harper’s reaction.

Kaffir Kanuck also brings a new perspective to the news.

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