No end of Dhimmitude…

I am sorry,  but this is just wrong!

It is disrespectful – and wrong.

For the US to actually provide Osama bin Ladin’s body with the proper Islamic burrial is not just wrong, it is actively immoral!

It will prolong the fighting and cause many more deaths in the long run.

Of course, it is wrong to give respect where it is not due.  Doing so diminishes respect which is earned.  As such, Osama bin Ladin did not deserve respect – in life or in death.

Plus – when somebody orders the extrajudicial execution of another human being, that ‘respect’ train has long left the station…

But, ‘respect’ is a key issue here:  showing ‘respect’ by following Sharia in having a Muslim perform all the ‘proper’ Islamic burrial rites is a serious, serious mistake for the Obama administration to have made.  Perhaps serious enough to undo the good of having finally captured the little bugger.


It sends the wrong signal – the head of the only world Superpower is submitting to Sharia.

America is submitting to Sharia!

It sends theunmistakable message to the Islamists that they are succeeding – that we are, slowly but surely, accepting our role of Dhimmis!

That they only have to push a little longer, a little harder, and all of us will submit – because we have already started to…

Judging by Obama’s actions, they just might be right….

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Michael Geist: What does the Conservative majority mean for digital policies?

In Dr. Geist’s assessment, the Conservatives’ newly won majority is a good-news/bad-news story when it comes to digital policies:

“The Conservatives have focused consistently on improving Canadian competition and opening the market is the right place to start to address both Internet access (including UBB) and wireless services.

The copyright bill is – as I described at its introduction last June – flawed but fixable.

Much more troubling is the lawful access package which raises major civil liberties concerns and could be placed on the fast track. “

Read the full assessment here.

Assange: ‘My greatest enemy is ignorance’

Here is an interesting interview of Julian Assange by RT.

No wonder this guy is being hunted down:  he is speaking truth to power!

(Via Hacker News, I4U News and TNW)