Getting to know the NDP – 2011-style

Let’s face it:  elections can be won – or they can be lost.

Just think of the past Ontario election:  Dalton McGuilty was so incredibly unpopular, it seemed impossible for him to win even his own seat, much less form the next government.  In comes the Conservative’s John Tory – showing such unlimited incompetence and ignorance during the campaign that he manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!

Ontario has been paying the price ever since…

Coming up to this – 2011 – Federal election, it looked like the Conservatives could finally win that coveted majority!

Except that…

The things he has been up to lately have made it impossible for many ‘little c’ conservatives to, in good conscience, vote for him.

Like, that Fantino thing

And that G-20 thing… (no, not the spending or associated corruption – the suspension of basic civil liberties!)

And that copyright thing

But that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

With most of their non-partisan core constituents abandoning the Harper Conservatives, and the unelectability of the Ignatieff Liberals, the NDP rose up – higher than ever before.

And, despite the revelations about Mr. Layton’s mob-controlled ‘massage parlour’ habit – and the potential for blackmail this carries with it – we are likely to see a lot more ‘Dippers’ in the Parliament very, very shortly.

Ezra Levant has penned a piece to let us know a bit more about them.

UPDATE:  The ever-awesome BCF has info on ‘Tug-liban Jack’s’ favourite ‘community clinic’, the ‘Velvet Touch Massage Parlour’.

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Kaffir Kanuck: Fantino’s Billion Dollar Legacy

Read it and weep

Fantino is a big part of the reason why the Conservatives’ fortunes have seen a downturn:  the ‘law&order’ conservatives who form a core of his constituency are not pleased.  I suspect that if the Conservatives are returned to power in tomorrow’s election, it will be by a very different group of voters than originally.

Why would Harper associate himself with someone so despised in Ontario is beyond me…

The State itself, the government of Ontario has been repeatedly implicated in its interference in the application of the law against both the occupiers and the taxpaying citizen. Compliant and rebuked by Ontario courts have been the Ontario Provincial Police where their actions and inaction have allowed Canadian citizens to be terrorized.

On the 28th of February, 2006, early in the DCE development stage, trespassers who later were aided by anarchists, union agitators and activists hailing from the left spectrum of politics as partially detailed here by Gary McHale, occupied the DCE. The rightful owners, Henco Industries Ltd, who purchased the land from the Crown, were subsequently denied access by the new strong arm for Native protesters, the OPP.

UPDATE:  Part 2

There has been a deliberate attempt to silence the truth. The conspiracy of silence which has denied a voice to the real victims of the occupation will eventually come to an end.


By refusing to acknowledge the pain of the victims, both native and non-native, victimizes the victims twice.

And this is why conservatives are disappointed with PM Harper for embracing Julian Fantino into the CPC…