Monopolies: a form of fascism, make no mistake about it

This video documents a very frightening ‘feature’ that monopolies appear to have ‘built in’:

Increasingly, we have the economy referred to as ‘whales and plankton’ – which, in the absence of ‘in-between-sized companies’, is not a healthy ‘eco-system’.  (Yes, pun intended:  you might as well laugh as cry!)

H/T: Blog of Walker

2 Responses to “Monopolies: a form of fascism, make no mistake about it”

  1. JR Says:

    Sad tale! Sounds like she has strong grounds for a lawsuit against Telus and the CRTC for it’s negligence/incompetence /collusion.

    Monopolies corrupt and absolute monopolies corrupt absolutely. And, the absolute worst monopolies are government monopolies.

  2. CodeSlinger Says:


    Technically, capitalism is private ownership of the means of production.

    But when ownership is too narrowly concentrated, capitalism stops working.

    That’s why we have a different name for this situation. When the market is dominated by a small number of players, the system is called oligopoly. And when a single player controls it all, we call it monopoly.

    Communism is just a monopoly in which that single player is the state.

    The system we now have in the West is oligopoly. The economy is entirely dominated by a small number of huge players, each of which has an effective monopoly in its own market. And the aim of globalism is to extend this system to the whole world.

    This system combines all the worst attributes of capitalism and communism.

    An ordinary person cannot possibly compete with the entrenched behemoths. But he is technically free to do so, which allows the system to blame his poverty on his own imputed laziness.

    Globalism is communism which blames the victim.

    The whole idea of a free market is predicated on the idea of competition. And that can only exist when ownership of the means of production is widespread.

    The best example of the harm done by the concentration of wealth is the Great Depression. And the huge benefits of a free market, in terms of freedom and prosperity, are best seen by looking at the USA over the fifty years following it.

    But the measure which brought that about (the New Deal, spurred on by the economic impetus of World War II) was a half-measure. It put a lot of money into the hands of a lot of people, but it did so in a way that ensured its re-concentration into the hands of the same old oligarchic families.

    So now wealth is even more concentrated than it was just prior to the Great Depression.

    And all the resulting ills are haunting us again, worse than ever.

    Bernanke is repeating all of Roosevelt’s mistakes, while studiously avoiding everything that actually worked. Why? Because he is working for the globalist oligarchs, not for the people. If he were working for the people, he would be championing true capitalism, meaning the widespread ownership of the means of production, combined with measures to prevent re-concentration of wealth and power. In short…

    Capitalism is a great idea.

    We ought to try it sometime.

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