Draw Muhammad Day 2011

Freedom:  if we don’t use it, we’ll loose it!



11 Responses to “Draw Muhammad Day 2011”

  1. derek Says:

    the first drawing is mine (and i drew the baseball also): it is an allusion to the ayatollah, just in case anybody is wondering.

    i really like xan’s drawing also. and the slideshow was funny.

  2. derek Says:

    okay. time for the controversial comment. (and i expect to be chastised at least by one person)

    but i think we should explore the logical implications of draw muhammed day.

    when are we going to make caricatures of Jesus and other Judeo-Christain mythological figures?

    the west likes to laugh at these muhammed cartoons. but if it were draw jesus day, the west would be outraged. both christianity and islam are falsehoods, so why not be fair to each?

    drawing muhammed was too easy of an accomplishment. what would really test our 1st amendment rights was if we contacted the blogging community and started a draw jesus day around christmas time. and maybe lets make some drawings about the catholic church too?

    your thoughts, xan?

    Xan says:

    Been there, done that, and the t-shird I got is all worn out by now…

    Sure, there is nothing wrong with picking on all the religions. And,many many artists have picked on Christianity and its figures. Remember the ‘elephant dung madonna’? Or the crucifix in urine? There are many, many, many….

    Even I have done one little painting calling attention to the incompatibility of the Christian and peacenick messages. It would considered disrespectful to Christ by many.

    The point is – Christians now will themselves protect artists who make pictures disrespectful of Christ, because they are not threatened by it. They – at least, the vast majority of them – understand that the freedom to criticize Christ or the Madonna, even to the point of the ludicrous – is good for all of us, that it is a protection for them, too.

    Sure, they’ll bitch about it (as is their right) – but they will not threaten the artists or try to shut them up.

    But many Muslims still think that the death penalty should be applied to all those who draw pictures of Muhammed. THAT is the difference!

  3. Kathy Shaidle Says:

    “but if it were draw jesus day, the west would be outraged”

    Derek, do you live under a rock? Are you 12? Google “Piss Christ.” Or how about the Canadian punk band that just got a govt grant to portray Jesus as a turd? Or the off Broadway play about a “gay Jesus”? Or Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” video? Or…

    The list is long. Like most atheists, your ignorance about the real world religious landscape is comical.

    Xanthippa says:
    Actually, Kathy, Derek is quite young. His intelligence often masks his youth.

    • derek Says:

      kathy, thank you for your kind words, but your dearth of examples are mostly dated, much different from a date in 2011 when the internet would be flooded with thousands of Jesus caricatures at once. and to make a distinction, the caricatures on draw muhammed day were light-hearted and comical rather than grim depictions which show the artist took the project too seriously.

  4. gatesleeper Says:

    Derek does not watch Simpson or American Dad, for beginners? Don’t want to pick on him if he’s a young lad, it’s just so obvious, Kathy points it out, I can mock Buddha for the rest of my life and nobody riots. All religions are the same… u know, how i love this dumb sentence 🙂

  5. Drunken Llama Says:

    Thanks Xan for the link.

    And to Derek the thing is not that people don’t get upset or shouldn’t get upset when someone makes fun of their faith it’s how they react to it. Calling people sinners or saying the government should provide funds for offensive art (the biggest part of the protest over Piss-Christ) is one thing calling for people deaths or actually killing people is another. I don’t think the government should fund art no matter what the subject but that is a different argument. The thing is when you make fun of the pope a couple nuns shake their heads and tell you you need to find Jesus. When you make fun of Islam a lot of people call for your death and some of them actually try to do it. Not only that but in the Muslim world they have cartoon and such insulting other faiths and cultures all the time yet while it is OK for them to do it it is suddenly a capital offense when someone even draws a picture that isn’t even meant to be insulting. Remember the teacher in the Sudan that almost got put to death because her students (all Muslim children) decided to name a teddy bear Muhammad? But If i got on national TV and told the world I named my dog The Pope at most I would have a couple people tell me that is kind of rude and the actual Pope if asked about it would ask the person asking about it why he was supposed to care.

    Speech is either free or it isn’t there are no other options.

    Xanthippa says:

    You are welcome, DL – it was from a suggestion by ‘Letters to a Dying Dream’.

    As for ‘Pope’ jokes – it is not that long ago (>3 years ago) that Sabrina Guzzanti was threatened with 5 years in jail….for saying the Pope belings in hell where he will deserves to be tormented by homosexual devil – very active ones.

    No, not quiet a death penalty or major rioting, and, in the end, Ms. Guzzanti did not go to jail, but it was very iffy there for a while and, if I recall the story correctly, she got some major legal bills at the end of it all.

    • Drunken Llama Says:

      Well it was Europe and their laws on free speech don’t have a lot to do with free speech. They probably think it is easier to shut everyone down rather than tell the violent people to grow up.

      Xanthippa says:

      Unfortunately, we are all going the same way.

      People in ‘Western’ countries which have a tradition of free speech will see it eroded not primarily through domestic laws, but through international laws to which their governments will be forced to submit: both civil laws and commercial laws.

      • Drunken Llama Says:

        True but I go by the idea that any international law that is against the constitution of the the country you live in is not valid in that country and I’ll fight anyone who tries to force it otherwise.

        Xan says:


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