Shoot ’em up – for charity!

Oh, this is cool!

‘Mojang has one weekend to make your game — live! The indie studio Mojang will be livestreaming all the glory and drama of making a brand new game in 60 hours. Based on a poll of more than 100,000 users, Mojang is tackling a real-time strategy shoot ’em up with a steampunk ancient Egypt theme!

Pay-what-you-want for the game any time during the jam.

If you are not familiar with Humble Bundle, it is the best way to fight online piracy:  make it easy to legally buy games online, pay what you think is fair.

Of course, everybody is familiar with Mojang – the creators of MineCraft…


One Response to “Shoot ’em up – for charity!”

  1. Bahrain Says:

    this is great…i like it

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